Information for the complete application to a Master's degree program

Below are listed all the documents that must be submitted for a complete application to a Master's degree program:

  • Signed application for admission
    Please print the application letter generated after a successful online application; in case of several applications, then respectively for each application.
  • Documents about other previous periods of study
    If you already attended a german university, then we need the following records from you:
    - Current transcripts with all grades, stamped and signed by the issuing institution.
    - Link to the course catalogue
    - Certificate of exmatriculation
    - Clearance certificate
  • Form "Declaration of previous periods of study"
    If you have attended at a foreign university, we need all your transcripts and degrees (if completed)
  • Questionaire (only for a IBA master application)
  • Language Certificates
    Please inform yourself about the necessary language certificates on the pages of the respective degree programs and submit the verification in the form of report certificates, certificates or diplomas with a focus on language.
  • Examination certificate of your vocational training, if completed
  • current, complete curriculum vitae with the following information:
    - Contact data,
    - Other undergraduate studies with exact semester information and CGPA,
    - School education
    - Job-related activities with accurate information on the duration of internships, training,   
      employment, Military service and alternative service or gap year
  • Proof of internship for a possibly required Pre-study Internship
    Please inform yourself about the necessary pre-study internship on the pages of the respective degree programs
  • Proof of university entrance qualification you will find informations here
  • Certificate processing fee
    only for Applicants with a foreign degree are required to pay a € 25 processing fee
  • Documents relating to the general and subject-specific admission requirements


When putting your application together, please make sure:

  • that your documents are complete (verify this using the checklist)
  • to submit only application-relevant documents
  • to submit notarized documents, not originals (please submit normal hard copies, if notarized copies are impossible)
  • that your documents are in the right order (verify this using the checklist)


Please send your complete application documents before the deadline as a single copy to:

Hochschule Worms
Erenburgerstraße 19
67549 Worms