IBA Profile



Inspiring stands for everything that excites you and what students need for a successful, international career in business. A strong hands-on approach with projects in companies, cutting edge and innovative teaching, and the personal atmosphere typical of our campus  – all that can inspire you too: design a highly interesting course of studies!


Connecting means connections into the entire world, first-class networks and diverse forms of cooperation. IBA offers distinctive internationality (50+ nationalities on campus, intensive offers of all major business languages - besides English, also French, Spanish and Chinese), tailor-made cooperation with large companies and an excellent network with contacts across the entire economy. This results in excellent connections.


Challenging denotes a competitive quality, enthusiasm for the international business world as well as promoting and encouraging young talents. We achieve this through a particularly high level of commitment by all parties involved– in particular by our dedicated team of professors that knows how the economy ticks. We deliver measurable quality, ranging from our selection of applicants up to the profile-building IBA specialization opportunities. If you are seriously considering joining our program – then you will overcome all obstacles.

Do you like to take responsibility for your own career? Do you bring along a large dose of self-motivation?  Do you have a passion for issues relating to international economy? Then IBA is exactly right for you. Here you can not only acquire the necessary know-how but personal skills as well - from project management to intercultural management competency - always in close cooperation and communication with our dedicated team of professors and lecturers.

Does this sound intriguing? Then apply to our program today.