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Aviation Management and Piloting – dual (B.Sc.)

Tourism/Travel Management

The Bachelor's programme "Aviation Management and Piloting – dual" offered by the department of Tourism/Travel Management of Hochschule Worms in conjunction with the European Institute of Aviation and Business gGmbH (EIAB), lets students obtain their Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) for airplanes (ATPL (A)) or helicopters (ATPL (H)) parallel to their university studies.

The ATPL allows the holder to pilot commercial airplanes or helicopters as a pilot in command, including those that require a two- or multi-man crew according to their certification. Practical flight training is conducted by partner flight schools in Worms and the US (for ATPL (A) only).

The duration of the Bachelor's study programme is six semesters (three years). The "Aviation Management and Piloting – dual" study programme concludes with the academic degree "Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)" and includes the acquisition of a commercial pilot's license.

By linking pilot training and business management studies with a focus on the aviation industry, students are prepared for a job in aviation, but also in management of an airline or other aviation-related companies and institutions. The Bachelor's study programme simultaneously qualifies graduates to commence a consecutive Master's degree course.  


10 good reasons to study “Aviation Management and Piloting – dual“ at University of Applied Sciences of Worms

  1. Better career prospects – dual qualification by means of Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) and the academic degree “Bachelor of Science”
  2. Modular training - more flexible with more flight experience than usual integrated standard trainings offer
  3. High amount of IFR – more than 110 hours flown by means of Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in addition to the simulator
  4. Integrated stay abroad - several months stay at the partnering flight school in Florida (USA)
  5. State of the art- technique – Flight training on airplanes with glass cockpit as well as the usage of modern simulators
  6. Coordinated study organization – content-related, administrative and spatial connection between the cooperation partners whilst having appointed contact partners for the students
  7. Theoretical training by means of the modern Distance Learning Program offered by CAT Europe, 24/7 availability for field-related questions and classroom-based sessions with qualified theory lecturers
  8. Practical-oriented management training - University of Applied Sciences of Worms is one of the best German universities for aviation management
  9. Attractive study – numerous anglophone lectures, extensive practice-related contacts, guest lectures and diverse student life at University of Applied Sciences of Worms
  10. Financial security – Secure deposit of the pilot training fee on a separate account