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Tourism and Travel Management (B.A.)

Tourism/Travel Management

The Bachelor's study programme in "Tourism and Travel Management" has a three year (6 semesters) length of study and leads to a first professionally qualifying university degree as a "Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)". It qualifies graduates to assume specialist tasks and leadership roles in tourism and travel management and entitles them to apply for a Master's study programme.

The Bachelor's study programme is designed to:

  • convey the fundamental relationships about the Tourism and Travel Management specialist field
  • introduce the methodology of economics, especially in business administration
  • prepare you for hands-on working experience or a subsequent ("consecutive") Master's study programme.

The course contents can be categorized into five subject groups with corresponding Weighting.
A comparison to the eight-semester version can be found here.

"Bachelor of Arts Tourism and Travel Management" positions itself as a Business Administration degree specializing in Tourism and Transport Business Administration Studies and strong foreign language-intercultural teaching content, which make up at least 8% of the curriculum.

Characteristic of the Bachelor's study programme is its generalist educational approach: it permits integrated study of the entire tourism value chain; this is hardly possible at any other university in Germany. This ensures a broad as possible understanding of the tourism and travel subject areas - and with it the broadest professional qualification of its graduates.

The generalist orientation corresponds to the philosophy of the Department of Tourism/Travel Management: a Bachelor's degree is a core curriculum and should therefore avoid too early and excessive specialization.

The avoidance of specialization in various professional fields of the tourism and the travel sector is deliberate in order to facilitate the career start of graduates and not unnecessarily narrow the selection basis for a possible subsequent Master's programme. You can find more information on the course contents, admissions requirements or application in the top menu bar.