Quality Assurance

Tourism/Travel Management

The Tourism/Travel Management department at the Hochschule Worms puts considerable effort into ensuring and improving the quality of the programmes they offer.

1. Tourism/Travel Management Department Advisory Board

The Tourism/Travel Management Department Advisory Board was set up in 2007 and is composed of more than 35 well-known representatives from all branches of the travel and tourism industry (the advisory board members are listed here).

The advisory board provides the Tourism/Travel Management department with advice on the department’s strategic focus, with particular regard to teaching and research programmes. It serves to ensure that the programmes offered by the department are, and continue to be, aligned with the needs of the job market.

2. Accreditation/reaccreditation of the degree programmes offered by the Tourism/Travel Management department

The degree programmes offered by the Tourism/Travel Management department have been accredited by the AQAS (accreditation agency) and, as such, they meet the quality standards of the German Accreditation Council.

The “Aviation Management” Bachelor’s programme which started in the 2011 summer semester, as well as the “Aviation Management and Piloting” Bachelor’s programme which started in the 2011/12 winter semester, were first accredited in 2011.

The “Tourism and Travel Management” (B.A.), “International Tourism Management” (B.A.),“International Tourism Management” (M.A.) and “Business Travel Management” (MBA) programmes were reaccredited by the AQAS in 2015.

The MBA programme in Tourism Management run in collaboration with the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences was also reaccredited by the AQAS in 2015.

The reports which the accreditation agencies issued for the programmes can be found here:

BA Tourism and Travel Management
BA Aviation Management
BA Aviation Management and Piloting
MA International Tourism Management
BA International Tourism Management
MBA Business Travel Management

(The reports for the BA Tourism and Travel Management, MA International Tourism Management and MBA Business Travel Management programmes, accessed via the links provided here, relate to the courses with registration starting in the 15/16 winter semester. The reports for programmes starting prior to the 15/16 winter semester are available from the department on request.)

3. Graduate surveys

In 2013, a survey was conducted on all graduates from the department since it was established in 1978.

A quick start to their career: three in four graduates had already found a job after a maximum of three months. Our graduates come out on top of the growing competition throughout Germany from alumni from similar degree programmes, at both Bachelor’s and Master’s level.

At present, 90.74 % of our alumni are in employment, 74% of which are permanently employed in full-time positions and 9% of which are self-employed.

The biggest employers in the tourism industry are brick-and-mortar tour operators, airlines and companies in the events sector. New lines of business in which our alumni have found work in the past five years in particular, are hire car companies, corporate travel departments, airports, holiday resorts and leisure centres.

You can view the key findings here.

4. Course evaluations

The courses run by the Tourism/Travel Management department were evaluated by way of a written survey filled in by a sample of students in accordance with the Hochschule Worms Basic Regulations on Quality Assurance. You can view the current findings of the course evaluations from the 2015/16 winter semester here.

5. Interim report

The Hochschule Worms Basic Regulations on Quality Assurance specify that the departments must regularly produce an interim report. The objective of this interim report is to identify problems and perspectives in the individual areas and develop measures to ensure and improve quality, where necessary.

6. HESW (Hochschulevaluierungsverbund Südwest, South West Higher Education Evaluation Network) evaluation

In the 2008/09 winter semester, the department was evaluated by the Hochschulevaluierungsverbund Südwest. The Hochschulevaluierungsverbund Südwest is part of the Centre of Quality Assurance and Development at the University of Mainz.

The evaluation reports can be viewed here.

7. Hochschule Worms evaluation report

The Hochschule Worms evaluation report can be found here.