Course contents

Aviation Management and Piloting – dual (B.Sc.)

Tourism/Travel Management

The "Aviation Management and Piloting – dual" Bachelor's study programme is modular. Business management flight theory and practical flight training are acquired.

Course contents include the following modules or individual subjects:

Business management area:  

  • Basics of Economics
  • Quantitative principles
  • General Business Administration: for example, Marketing, Investment and Financing
  • Elective subjects of Aviation Management: e.g. Airline Business Models, Airport Management, Aviation and Environment (each in English)
  • Seminars and management simulation game

Contents of the theoretical pilot training include:

  • Aviation psychology
  • Aviation law
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Aircraft science, aircraft engine science, instrument science
  • Flight performance, flight planning
  • Electrical engineering and avionics
  • Aerodynamics

Practical flight training includes for example:

  • Visual Flight Training (ATPL(A)/(H))
  • Instrument Flight Training (ATPL(A))
  • Private Pilot License Training (PPL)
  • Commercial Flight Training (ATPL(A)/(H))
  • Multi Crew Concept Training (ATPL(A))

The course contents for obtaining a commercial pilot's license for airplanes or helicopters in theory and practice come from the requirements of the German Federal Aviation Authority (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt) and the European Aviation Safety Agency.

Practical flight training is primarily conducted during the semester break among others in Worms and Venice (Florida) (ATPL (A) only). Partners of this training course are i.a. Civil Aviation Training CAT Europe (theory), TFC (Multi Crew Training) and FFTC (practical training Florida). More information is available on the website of EIAB gGmbH

The Bachelor's thesis is also required to complete the course of study.
A detailed listing of all modules with the corresponding individual subjects and the number of semester hours per week and CP can be found in the Download area.