Course contents

Aviation Management (B.A.)

Tourism/Travel Management

The Bachelor's study programme is modular. A module is a group of content and chronologically-coordinated individual subjects that forms a self-contained, testable study unit with credits. Each module is usually completed by a module exam. By passing all module exams, the course of study is successfully completed.

The individual subjects and modules are allocated credit points (CP). These are credit points, which are obtained at the university by passing the relevant examinations. These are designed to ensure that the performances of students at universities in Europe are comparable.

The course contents can be categorized into three subject groups (196 CP without thesis and colloquium) with the following weighting:

General Management Modules

  • Introduction to Business Administration and Economics
  • General Management I - III

Tourism, Travel and Aviation Management Modules

  • Introduction to Tourism, Travel and Aviation Management
  • Introduction to Aviation Management
  • Aviation Management I - III
  • Travel Management
  • Advanced Tourism, Travel and Aviation Management
  • Management Simulation Game
  • Elective Seminar Aviation Management

Management Skills

  • Analytical Methods
  • Business English
  • (Advanced) Management in Practice I - III

In addition, the thesis and a colloquium (14 CP) are also required to complete a course of study, which also links the course contents of the General Management, Travel & Tourism Management or Aviation Management study programmes.

The module Management in Practice refers to the hands-on, practical training phases where students join companies and get to intensify and apply the knowledge they have acquired in their studies in practice. The modules Advanced Management in Practice and the Elective Seminar Aviation Management offer opportunities to address and work on the topics of our cooperation partners. For more information on the individual modules, number of semester hours per week and CP, please refer to the module guide.

Private pilot license

Worms airfield's operator helps students find the right flight school on site. This gives the often "flight enthusiastic" students of Aviation Management the opportunity to take flight lessons outside the curriculum and to complete training as a private pilot (private pilot license, PPL).

Worms airfield offers interested students Flight schools commercial training opportunities from the aerial sports clubs, where you can acquire licenses for gliders to ultralights up to helicopters. "Introductory flight days" are also planned for "Aviation Management" students in association with Flugplatz GmbH Worms.