Current Fee Schedule from June 1, 2019

(in accordance with the "Library Regulations of Hochschule Worms dated May 7, 2003", Article 10, Para. 2 and Article 17, Para. 2 and the "State Regulations on Fees in the Fields of Science, Education and Research / Special Fee Schedule" dated November 27, 2014 and the Lending Regulations (LVO dated July 8, 2004)), and "State Regulations on the Fees for Official Acts of a General Nature" (or Fee Schedule/Geb.verz.) dated Nov. 8, 2007 and the "Circular of the Ministry of Finance dated February 23, 2011 (90 103 01 -10-001)“

Fee Type

  • Interlibrary Loan Fees

    Pupils, students, pensionersEuro 1.50 per order/TAN
    Other members of Hochschule Worms, guestsEuro 3 per order/TAN
  • Media Loss by the Borrowers

    Medium is still available for delivery 
    Borrowers procure a replacement copy in the respective latest edition.

    Medium is no longer available for delivery
    The library decides whether or not a replacement copy second-hand, via interlibrary loan + copy + binding or a corresponding residual value must be paid
  • Late Fees

    Equally valid for all user groups
    Reference literature
    Euro 1
    per volume
    Locker key/basket
    Euro 2
    Single periodicals
    Euro 1 per issue
    Standard lending   
    (1 day after the due date,
    1 week waiting period)
    1st notification
    (2nd week after due date)
    Euro 3
    2nd notificaton
    (3rd week after due date)
    Euro 3
    3rd notification
    (4th week after due date)
    Euro 5
    4th notification
    (5th week after due date)
    Euro 5

    When our overdue notifications are not honored, we will unfortunately be forced to initiate a collection procedure via the Landeshochschulkasse in Mainz.

    Therefore please contact us early to clarify any misunderstandings. Thank you.

  • Locker Keys

    To replace lost or damaged locker keys, we charge the actually incurred replacement costs.

    We make every effort in finding the cheapest option. Experience has shown, however, that replacement keys cost from approx. EUR 20.