Application instructions

Registration at Hochschulstart

If you are going to apply for an admission-restricted degree course for the first semester, a registration at hochschulstart is mandatory.

Please visit the hochschulstart homepage and register there.

You will find help at hochschulstart, if you encounter problems during the registration.

Please log into your hochschulstart account after the registration and navigate to the "Personal data" tab. You will find your Applicant ID (BID) and Applicant authentication number (BAN) in this tab. Please note BID and BAN for further use.

Register at the UAS application portal

After you have registered at hochschulstart you have to register at the UAS appilcation portal.

Please note:

You may encounter difficulties at the registration, if you use the Microsoft Explorer or Edge browser. Therefore I encourage you to use the Mozilla Firefox browser or any other browser, besides the Microsoft browsers.

Please enter BID and BAN in the Data transfer tab and proceed with a click on "Load data"

If BID and BAN has been entered correctly, every text field should be filled expect the Password tab.

You have to set a new password, which is at least 6 characters long and contains minimum 1 special character like !,",§ etc.

In the last registration step you have to answer the captcha.

After the click on "Register", you will receive a registration e-mail. This emails contains your user name and an activation link. Please open that mail and activate your account.


Apply at the UAS application portal

Please click on "Start Application", after you have logged in.

Please click on "Add request" to start with your application.

Please select the desired degree.

As a result of the degree, you are receiving a list of matching subjects. Please choose your subject.

Then comes the start semester. Normally you apply for the first semester. The recognition of studies and qualifications will take place after an enrollment at our university.


Top athlete request

If you are a member of a federally founded squad, your application can be considered separately and you would vie for a place with other members, according to the overall average grade of your university entrance qualification.

Please submit the related documents with your other application documents.


University entrance qualification

Please provide us the informations concerning your University entrance qualification.

It is mandatory to fill out the fields "Acquired in", "Type of Entrance Qualification" and "Country".

If your qualification is not from Germany you have to choose "Abroad" in the field "Acquired in".

Please choose "Other", if your type of entrance qualification is not listed.

Your average grade will be transfered to the german system.

The "Date of acquirement" should be mentioned on your diploma.


University background / Vocational training / Service

If you are enrolled or you have been enrolled at an university, we need the information about your student history.

Please specify the number of semesters you have studied and if you have already completed studies at an university. Your studies are considered as completed only if a leaving certificate is available before the end of the application period.

If you have completed a vocational trainig, you can choose "yes".

If you completed a service in germany like FSJ, Zivildienst or a military service, you can choose "yes".



Have you applied during the last two semster at the Hochschule Worms? If so please choose yes (Ja) otherwise no (Nein).

If you are an re-applicant and your application documents have been complete for the last application, it is sufficient to submit the following documents:

-Up to date CV

-Request for enrollemnt


Matriculation number

Are you enrolled or have you been enrolled at the UAS? If so, please give us your matriculation number.


Certificate processing fee

Applicants with a foreign degree are required to pay a € 25 processing fee as per the state's fee structure. Please note that your application will not be processed until the deposit slip was submitted together with the application. The fee must be paid within the application phase, otherwise, your application will not be considered for the selection process.

So If your certificate is from Germany you choose "Ja", otherwise "Nein".

Bank account:

Recipient: Hochschule Worms
Bank:    Sparkasse Worms
IBAN: DE59 5535 0010 0021 7268 75
Payment reference    Last name, First name
Applicant number
Date of birth



Submit request

All the given data will be listed in the last part of the online application. There you can check if everything is correct.

If you applied for a hochschulstart degree program you don't have to enter BID & BAN. Respectively BID & BAN won't be shown, if it's not a hochschulstart degree program.

After you have checked the checkbox, you can submit your request, by clicking "Submit request".



Appilcation request

After you have submitted your request, you have the option to download the application request, by clicking on the button "Print application request".

The application request letter and the other application documents have to be at the UAS within the deadline.

We need a application request letter, for every degree program you are going to apply. We need one copy of all the other documents like certificates, language proofes etc..