Not permitted for publication

The Online Job Board is designed to enable the posting and finding of specific positions that need to be filled in the foreseeable near future. In addition, opportunities for freelance work and start-ups can be communicated on the Board. Other content may not be published on the Board.

Impermissible publication includes

  • General descriptions of companies, public employers, organisation, and institutions, such as “company profiles” or image ads,
  • Advertisement for recruiting events, attendance at trade fairs and exhibitions, competitions, case studies, and the like,
  • Blanket job opening posts without detailed information, such as “We are always looking for interns”,
  • Promotion for dual/part-time study programmes that are not offered by the Hochschule Worms,
  • Posts that as an application prerequisite expect from applicants exclusively study programmes that are not offered by the Hochschule Worms,
  • Advertisement for the marketing of fee-based products and services.

Please contact the Career Center should you have any questions or doubts about whether a posting wish can be fulfilled on the Job Board.

You can find information about the study programmes currently being offered by the Hochschule Worms here: Study programmes offered  

The Hochschule Worms reserves rights

The Hochschule Worms reserves the ability to remove published posts from the Job Board without prior announcement and without subsequently notifying the job poster if it considers this to be necessary.

It likewise reserves the ability to revoke access granted via the white list without complying with a notice period if it considers this to be necessary. The University will notify the job poster when authorisation to access the Board has been terminated.