Submitting final theses

Final theses are to be submitted according to the specifications of the respective examination regulations as 2 hard copies and in electronic form. Individual study programmmes also have guidelines available on submitting final theses.

Final theses are always submitted during business hours in the examination office Building M, Room 07. An appointment is not required during business hours.

Submission outside business hours
If the deadline is outside business hours, you can arrange an appointment with the examination office.

Deadline is on a weekend/holiday
If the deadline of your final thesis/final paper is on a weekend or holiday, the due date is automatically the following workday.

Delivery by mail
Generally, delivery of the paper in person is advisable since additional information regarding the completion of your studies are explained at the examination office. In case of postal delivery, it is important that the "Declaration of Authenticity" be signed by the student. Submission 3 days prior to the deadline and by registered mail is recommended.  

Confidentiality clause on the final thesis:
When submitting your final thesis, mention the note on the confidentiality clause.
A note will then be attached with an appropriate text to the cover of the final thesis. Some degree programs and companies also want to have the "confidentiality clause" in the final thesis. Your study programme or the company itself will inform you about this themselves.
Should a company request written confirmation about attaching a confidentiality clause, then please write one yourself and present it to the examination office for signature when submitting your final thesis.

Submission of the final thesis as well as any oral defense (colloquium) represents a test result which requires that you be enrolled in the current semester.