Freshmen dates

Save the date: 18./19. März 2021


On the 18th/19th March 2021, you're invited to join us at our welcoming event for new students.

The schedule for these events is currently being prepared.

In February, we will create an section on the Worms University of Applied Sciences Website
( with information for new students. On this page, you will be able to
obtain information about the schedule in due course.

The one question on everyone's lips: What's it like to study at the Worms University of
Applied Sciences?
We're currently in the midst of a rather peculiar time - the COVID-19 pandemic presented us
with the colossal task of digitalising all of our teaching material within a short amount of time
in 2020. In spite of the odds, we were able to successfully overcome this challenge. The
lessons learnt and experiences gained have enabled us to reflect and use this opportunity to
improve our digital teaching and learning material.

As the pandemic will remain a part of all of our lives for the foreseeable future, we will not be
resuming with regular teaching as a university in the summer semester. The departments
will offer all lectures as online courses and, if possible, also lectures on campus to ensure
that you receive the optimal study conditions without suffering any interruptions to your
studies. Compliance with hygiene regulations and maintaining safe distances will also form a
key component of daily campus life.

If you have any questions regarding the structure of your studies, please don't hesitate to get
into contact with the employees at the central student advisory services (
or student services (

Access to the account data:
You will receive your access data via Email after you have successfully registered. Please understand that, for organizational reasons, it is not possible to give an exact delivery date. You can be sure that we will provide you with the documents as soon as possible. 

Note for internal changer / re-registration:
Students who have already been enrolled at the University of Worms - within the last 6 months - and are switching to another course of study will not receive any new login data or a new student ID. As soon as the transfer has been made, the new certificate can be called up via LSF and the student ID can be validated for the next semester. If you change between departments, please contact the data center, Rechenzentrum - after the description in LSF can be seen.