Career planning, application, career entry

Individual Consultancy

The Career Center offers individual consultancy for non German speaking students in English.

This consultancy is specifically designed for incoming international students studying a bachelors or masters course in the English language at this university. The consultancy addresses students who are looking for a place to work in Germany.

Information + Registration for individual Consultancy

In urgent cases, the Academic Team of the Employment Agency Mainz offers additional appointments for individual consultancy taking place in Mainz.


Seminars and Workshops at this university

The Career Center offers the following seminars or workshops for non German speaking students in English on the premises of this university. The seminars address career planning, applications for job positions, career entry.

Participation in a seminar or workshop is free of charge. To attend a seminar please register.



Info Session (Link to more information)DurationScheduled

Jobs in Germany: Your written application

7 hours

9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

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The following offers are in German language:

Beratung und Seminare zu Karriereplanung, Bewerbung, Berufsstart

Zu Karriereplaung, Bewerbung, Berufsstart finden an der Hochschule Worms auch terminierte Einzelberatung und viele Seminare in deutscher Sprache statt.

Infos dazu auf dieser Webseite.

Seminare in Mainz


Das Hochschulteam der Agentur für Arbeit Mainz führt in den eigenen Räumen in der Agentur in Mainz zusätzliche Seminare rund um Karriereplanung, Bewerbung und Berufsstart durch. Sie sind in deutscher Sprache, die Teilnahme ist kostenlos. Sie können sich zu diesen Seminaren ebenfalls anmelden:

Seminarübersicht, inklusive Termine und Anmeldung