Das Exchange Programm der Hochschule Worms

Die Hochschule Worms bietet den Studierenden der Partneruniversitäten die Möglichkeit 1-2 Semester als Austauschstudent in Worms zu verbringen. Im Rahmen des Exchange Programms werden die Interessierten vom International Center über alle relevanten Formalitäten informiert. Des Weiteren werden die Studierenden in Empfang genommen und während der  „Orientierungswoche“ in das Studentenleben an der Hochschule Worms eingeführt. Sie erhalten diverse Unterstützungen: Einrichtung des Bankkontos, Anmeldung beim Ausländeramt, Abschluss der Krankenversicherung und ähnliches. Zudem können alle, die wollen, einen Deutschkurs der Hochschule Worms, ohne Extrakosten, absolvieren. Das Exchange Programm - eine tolle Chance einige Semester im Deutschland zu verbringen!

Interview Ricardo Ramos-Austauschstudent

Name: Ricardo Ramos

Age: 24

Date of birth: 17.11.1991

Studienfach: IBA

Dauer des Aufenthalts: Ende Februar bis Anfang August 2016

How easy was it for you to settle down in Worms?

The settling in Worms was not too difficult. The University of Applied Sciences Worms are provided a list of with important information’s to every exchange Student. For example, a selection of available apartments in Worms was provided to us. They also obtained assistance in administrative matters. An example would be the purchase of an appropriate visa in Germany.

I am studying in Mexico at a private university. This made it to me much easier to carry out a semester abroad in Germany. Many University’s in Mexico do not offer exchange programs and I am excited about the opportunity to make such a thing in Germany.

Where do you see the advantages of a semester abroad?

In a semester abroad you meet many new people from all over the world and you can learn a lots of things about other cultures. It is unusual in Mexico to move out from at home as an academic before your final degree. So this semester abroad is an opportunity for me to live independently more early. Furthermore, you also learn other styles of organization forms at universities. Thus, about the choice of subjects within the study program designed completely different than here in Germany. The choices are often wider in Mexico. Also the design of the study cases often differs.

What difficulties arise for you?

Since I am not speaking the German language sometimes problems arise with personal errands. Thus, the purchase of food designed sometimes difficult, also because we have very different products in Mexico. I also had to find that it is very difficult without knowledge of German to find work in Germany. Since my home university is not in Europe, I cannot relate any Erasmus funding. Offside Erasmus there is only sporadically funding for a semester abroad in Germany. However, I could make of no use. Nevertheless, the problem of the language barrier is solved very easily. Most people in Germany speaks enough English. And last but not least my friendships here help me a lot. The Buddy Program would be another possibility to overcome first problems.

Can you recommend a study abroad in Worms?

I can recommend everyone this new experience. Two of my friends are also going to spend a semester in Germany. They will come next semester and will stay for around six month like I do.

(c) Josef Jobst