Learning Agreement


  1. Please check our current course books here. Please note that the course book is subject to change. You will receive the final course book latest during our Orientation.
  2. Based on the available course book, work with your home university’s exchange coordinator to complete your Learning Agreement. You will receive the Learning Agreement form from your home university. This must be signed by you and your coordinator and returned to us with your application form. The Learning Agreement is particularly important for students participating in the Erasmus program.
  3. Once you are here on campus and you have participated in the orientation programme, you have until 31 October (winter semester) or 15 April (summer semester) to adjust your learning agreement. The finalised Learning Agreement need to be sent to your home university.


As part of our orientation before the start of classes, you will receive the finalised course book. Based on this, you create your final course choice. Please consider the following:

  • Please make sure that your course selection meets your needs and that none of the courses you have selected overlap, which can be checked in our Campus Management System LSF. The Computer Center team will give you access to this system during the Orientation.
  • Please discuss any changes in your course choice with your coordinator at your home institution to ensure that the chosen courses are also recognized by your home university.
  • Please note that you can earn a maximum of 30 ECTS credits per semester in general.
  • Please note that the master’s-level courses (graduate courses, shortcut M.A.) require an advanced level of study. We recommend that you have already successfully completed the equivalent of at least 120 ECTS credits at your home institution if you are a Bachelor level student. Furthermore, you need to have previous knowledge in this specific topic.
  • If you drop any courses after the deadline (communicated in the Orientation), they will be included in your transcript of records and marked "w" (withdraw).
  • Based on your marks from various courses, the International Center will issue a transcript of records and will send this to your home university.