Registration for German Intensive Language Course

Dear exchange students,

Below you can find the binding registration for our German language intensive courses during the Orientation period in September.

Please note that you MUST register if you want to attend the course. The previous email was only a questionnaire to find out what levels you are interested in, not a registration form!

A1.1 Group A (level A1.1 online)     and     A1.1 Group B (level A1.1 on campus)

B1/B2 Group A (level B1/B2 online)    and    B1/B2 Group B (level B1/B2 on campus)

In case more students sign up for the B-level class, we might decide to split it into the two levels B1 and B2. Both classes would then be offered on campus with complete online participation possible. Therefore, if you are interested in a B-level class, please make sure to alsoindicate which of these two levels (B1 or B2) you would prefer attending if we end up splitting up the B-level class.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our language coordinator Kristin Pusch at

Registration Intensive German Language Course

Binding Registration
I hereby sign up for the following German intensive language course and I acknowledge that this registration is binding.