Fundiea – Crowdfunding Platform


– Best Project Award 2016 –

Our Mission

Creating a open source funding application for the region Rhein-Neckar, that will help more students to achieve their goals through their projects.

About the project

The project goal was originally to create a crowdfunding platform for the projects of HS-Worms. 

After the first planing sessions we moved away from the first concept and decided to build a platform that not only is different from usual crowdfunding sites out there, but also a platform that has a regional focus / branding and facilitates interaction betweens students and companies.

Key aspects


  • Platform for academically projects
  • Regional focus
  • Funding of projects
  • Sponsoring of projects through materials (hardware, know-how, coaching, etc)
  • Platform for interaction between students and companies


Our Goal

Our goal is to create a platform where students can insert their ideas and projects and help them reach a wider public and even enable them to establish connections with different companies.

Current status

As we are still in the early development phase, we are focusing on the core functionalities and are planning to release the application locally first and expand afterwards.

As for the future

After we have employed the website at our local university and have tested the resonance, we want to further expand the functionalities. 

So that it becomes attractive for other Universities, we want to enable branding, so every University can place their own logo and deploy it in their environment.

Our goal is to involve as many Universities as possible, so every student can benefit from it.


Cause in the end of the day, we are all students and we know what we all wish to accomplish, so we want to provide a platform that helps fellow students to achieve just that.



Teammitglieder: Alexandros Konstantinidis, Kevin Kennell, Amit Kumal-Kopila, Cavit Yasar, Ulrich-Dolvido Fotso-Tokam, Christoph Baetz, Florian Link, Robert Schultheiss