Welcome to the Faculty of Computer Science!


The Faculty of Computer Science

The Faculty of Computer Science is dedicated to delivering a best-in-class computer science education to its students. The 16 professors and their teams conduct applied research embedded in inter­national scientific networks and collaborate closely with industry part­ners to transfer the latest scientific findings and new technologies into practice. Here are the cornerstones of our teaching philosophy:

  • Small study groups and an “open door” working relationship between students and faculty

  • Modern classrooms and labs

  • Highly practice-oriented courses

  • Interdisciplinary work

  • Exposure to real-world projects in collaboration with industry

  • Cutting-edge fields of study and research


Our Courses Conducted in English

Our exchange programmes are typically one or two semesters in length, and students are welcome to enrol in a wide range of courses at the university. Below, you can find a selection of the English conducted courses offered by the Faculty of Computer Science, which are part of the Bachelor’s curriculum and run every semester.

Advanced Programming Concepts

6 ECTS credits

Business Process Management

6 ECTS credits

Development of Mobile Applications

6 ECTS credits

Machine Learning

6 ECTS credits

Network Security

6 ECTS credits

User Experience

6 ECTS credits

Visual Computing

6 ECTS credits


Please be aware that there may be changes, and that the English-language curriculum is extended continually.
Students also have the opportunity to take a German language course at our university – at no extra charge.


Programme Track

Applied Computer Science (B.Sc.)
Mobile Computing (M.Sc.)

The Applied Computer Science Bachelor’s programme solidly covers the basics of computer science in the fields of technology, methodology and social research to prepare students for the ongoing changes within the field of information technology.

Students are given the chance to work on several projects throughout their studies, for example a virtual reality game or the development of a mobile application. Furthermore, this programme offers the option to choose between one of three specializations after the second semester: Media Informatics, Internet and Cloud or Software Construction.

The Applied Computer Science programme prepares students ideally for the Master’s programme in Mobile Computing, which covers all aspects of di­gital product design and app development (mobile apps, virtual reality, intelligent digital assistants, IoT, etc.). 


Business Computer Science (B.Sc. and M.Sc.)

This programme track prepares students for a career at the intersection between business and information technology. The programme is taught by experts in both management and computer science. As a result, we can guarantee that the course has practical foundations in information technology and business. The programme is designed to enable students to deal with ma­nagerial challenges within the ever-changing world of IT and business.

After successfully completing the Bachelor’s programme, students will gradu­ate with a degree in Business Informatics, leaving them ideally prepared for a successful career or for the subsequent Master’s programme.


We Love Internationality

One important aspect of Worms University of Applied Sciences is its international focus. Foreign languages and international student exchanges play an important role in the university’s programmes. Hochschule Worms cooperates with more than 180 universities all over the world. Students from more than 80 countries attend various programmes at our university, and the proportion of ful­ly enrolled international students amounts to more than 20%. Whether students plan to study here for a few months or want to complete a full degree programme, they can look forward to the wonderful environment and first-class academics that keep drawing students to our university.

International Summer School

The Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences in Worms, Germany will offer a Summer School in Information Technology for students from all over the world.


Immer eine Überlegung wert: Studieren Sie ein Semester an einer unserer zahlreichen Partnerhochschulen im Ausland.


Our International Center offers a wide range of programmes and services for international students interested in studying at Hochschule Worms.You can find more Information under International Center.
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