Funding and Scholarship

There are various funding options available to students of the Hochschule Worms who wish to study abroad. We’ve provided a list of the most important sources of funding below.

Universities in other countries do not usually offer scholarships to students coming from abroad. However, some countries and universities may offer funding for students who are completing an entire degree (bachelor’s or master’s) at the selected university. For information about such possibilities, please contact your desired host university directly to find out what they offer.

BAföG (Federal Training Assistance Act) Financial Aid
BAföG assistance for studying abroad is not restricted to those students who already receive it for study in Germany. Due to the higher tuition fees found at many universities abroad, students who do not qualify for BAföG for study at a German university may still be eligible for BAföG for study abroad. BAföG is available for study abroad in any country for a minimum duration of 12 weeks and a maximum duration of a year. In addition, BAföG aid is available to fund a complete degree abroad at any European or Swiss university.

Education Loans (Bildungskredit) from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

The federal government offers low-interest loans through the Deutsche Ausgleichbank for study abroad. This is for cases where at least part of the work done at a university abroad will be credited by the home university.

DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
The DAAD provides scholarships for studying abroad, usually for year-long study. As the world’s largest organisation for international educational exchange, the DAAD website also provides extensive information on studying abroad, including funding sources from other organisations.

  • DAAD Language Certificate for German applicants (link to be updated)

BMBF Scholarship Database
For a comprehensive list of available scholarships and financial aid, please consult the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which provides a detailed search engine (in German only).

Various foundations offer scholarships for studying abroad. Some foundations have specific restrictions on funding, though others are oriented quite broadly. The following is a partial list of German foundations providing scholarships for study abroad:

Information on more foundations may be found at