Prof. Dr. Teresa G. Weldy

Teaching Areas

  • Introduction to Business
  • Organizational Communications
  • Employee Training and Develpment

Teaching Areas in Worms

  • Employee Training and Development

Research Interests

  • Learning Organization
  • Transfer of Learning
  • Direct and Indirect Measures of Learning
  • Business Communication Skills
  • Transfer of Training

Current Projects

  • Research Grant
    Applied for research grant to assess learning in online and traditional classes using both direct and indirect measures of learning.

Reviewer Activities

  • Textbook Reviewer, Management and Communications Books, McGraw-Hill, Cengage, Prentice Hall
  • Manuscript Reviewer, Human Resource Management and HRM Journal
  • Conference Reviewer, Southwest Academy of Management, Southern Management Association

Selected Publications

  • Weldy, T. & Turnipseed, D. (2016). Factors Important for Transfer of Training: Differences Across Organizational Levels. Academy of Business Research.
  • Weldy, T. & Icenogle, M. (2013). Organizational Change. In Elaine Biech (Ed.), Pfeiffer Annual Training, Wiley Publishing: San Francisco, CA.
  • Weldy, T., Maes, J., & Harris, J. (2013). Process and Practice: Improving Writing Ability, Confidence in Writing, and Awareness of Writing Skills' Importance. The Journal of Innovative Education Strategies.
  • Pietri, P. & Weldy, T. (2011). Number Recall: Position Emphasis in Communicating. Peiffer 2011 Annual, Wiley: San Francisco, California.
  • Weldy, T. & Gillis, W. (2010). The Learning Organization: Variations at Different Organizational Levels. Learning Organization, 17(5), 455-470.
  • Weldy, T. & Turnipseed, D. (2010). Assessing and Improving Learning in Business Schools: Direct and Indirect Measures of Learning. Journal of Education for Business, 85(5), 268-273.
  • Spake, D., Joseph, M., & Weldy, T. (2010). Public University Branding: What Do Students Want to Know about a Prospective Institution and How Do They Get Information? Journal of Academic Administration in Higher Education, 6(2), 9-16.
  • Weldy, T. (2009). Learning Organization and Transfer: Strategies for Improving Performance. The Learning Organization, 16(1), 58-68.
  • Weldy, T. (2009). The Professor/Student Relationship: Beyond Teaching to Learning. Teachers College Record, 9, Invited Commentary.
  • Weldy, T., Spake, D. & Sneath, J. (2008). Challenges and Best Practices: Meeting AACSB and SACS Requirements. The Journal of Academic Administration in Higher Education, 4(2), 15-22.

More Information

Work in corporate training and consulting covering areas such as leadership, motivation, communication, and employee performance.

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