University-Wide Language Course Offer

The International Language Office offers a number of university-wide language courses open to all students of Worms University of Applied Sciences as well as to students of Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society (HWG Ludwigshafen).


  • Semester Courses
  • German as a Foreign Language I – VI (A1.1 - C2) 
  • Business Arabic I
  • Business Chinese I – V
  • Business French I - V 
  • Business Russian I – II 
  • Business English for Exchange Students


  • Intensive Language Courses (during the semester breaks)
  • Spanish (for beginners and advanced learners)
  • English (advanced) 
  • French (advanced) 
  • German (for beginners and advanced learners)
  • German for exchange students (only) 


All other language courses are part of the individual degree programs.

Details such as timetables, teachers, etc. can be found on LSF (university account needed).

German and international degree-seeking students can now sign up for our language courses on Moodle (university account needed) by October 06, 2021. All information and instructions on the registration process have been sent out via email to your student accounts. Exchange students sign up separately via MoveOn. 

Attention HWG students: you can sign up here for our language courses; course details have been sent out to your student accounts.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our International Language Coordinator, Kristin Pusch.