Health Insurance

We want you to be healthy and safe when you’re studying at Hochschule Worms! According to regulations in Germany, you must have valid health insurance from outside of Germany or get insured once you arrive in Germany in order to be permitted to matriculate at the university. Your insurance needs to be valid for the entire duration of your studies (until the end of February for winter semester studies or until the end of August for summer semester studies).

Important information regarding Health Insurance please click HERE.


Proof of Health Insurance – Details

Do you have a valid statutory health insurance policy, which covers the period of your stay?
You may enter Germany with the European Health Insurance (EHIC with the blue Europe symbol). This is accepted by the university.

Do you have a private health insurance covering the period of your stay?
In that case your private health insurance contract need to be checked by a German statutory health insurance company if it fulfills the minimum requirements. If your health insurance covers the minimum requirements, you will receive an exemption certificate, which is required for enrolment at our university.

You have no health insurance?
Then you have to sign up with a statutory or private health insurance latest during our Orientation, which covers your entire stay.

Are you a Turkish citizen with Turkish health insurance?
Bilateral agreements exist between Turkey and Germany that ensure that that some Turkish health insurance plans are accepted here in Germany. The so-called A/T-11 form is sufficient for enrolment at our university.

In general, your health insurance coverage must be valid for the following periods:

Winter semester:    1 September to 28/29 February
Summer semester: 1 March to 31 August

The International Center is available to answer any questions you may have about acquiring health insurance in Worms. As a general note, statutory health insurance rates are approx. 105 Euro per month (please inform yourself about the exact current rate).


We are always happy to assist you with this important process. In case of questions, please contact us via