Living in Worms

Welcome to one of the three oldest and most welcoming cities in Germany!
The city of Worms has a lot to offer visitors and residents. With a rich history stretching back to the 5th century A.D., and the natural beauty of the surrounding Odenwald forest and mountainous Pfalz regions, Worms is a beautiful and entertaining place to call home. 

Worms and surrounding areas
For lovers of culture, Worms is packed with sights like the Worms Dom St. Peter cathedral and the impressive Kunsthaus (House of Art), with wide-ranging installations and active artist studios. It was the site where Martin Luther defended his theses before the emperor and is the birthplace of the famous Nibelungen stories.

Worms is perhaps best-known for the nearby Liebfrauenkirche, the church where the hugely popular Liebfraumilch wine was first developed.

Our city likes to have fun – throughout the year, the city holds a number of festivals, including a seafood festival, a drama festival celebrating the Nibelungenlied, a jazz festival, and the Backfischfest, the biggest annual wine festival on the Rhine River in Germany. As an international student at the Hochschule Worms, you will have the chance to enjoy these activities with your fellow students as well as with members of the local and regional community. 

Student life
For students, Worms has more than just a strong academic culture to offer – the social atmosphere and night-life here are alive and varied. Student groups and sports clubs, many organised through the student group AStA, offer a wide range of organisations to join. Student clubs are popular ways for new students to make friends, both German and international.

The Hochschule Worms puts on several events of its own, such as the "Hochschule Worms-Ball", the cabaret and music-filled SHOWABEND, and an international day for students to celebrate their different cultures, traditions and cuisines with our University students and the citizens of Worms.

Here you find brochures about the city of Worms.