Tandem Language Learning

What: tandem language learning is a language learning method that brings together two individuals interested in learning the other person’s native language.

Why: one of the major benefits of this method is that, here, language learning per se involves cultural exchange as well. By taking part in our tandem program, you can not only improve your language skills in a comfortable environment with people your age; you also get to meet people from all over the world. Intercultural learning is therefore a big part of this program.   

Who: open to all students of Worms University of Applied Sciences, including exchange students and international degree-seeking students 

How: if you are interested in finding a tandem partner, please contact our International Language Coordinator, Kristin Pusch, stating what language you want to practice and what your native language is. She will then try to find a match for you. As a rather informal method of language learning, everything beyond relies on the initiative of both people involved, which also provides you with the flexibility to arrange meetings based on your schedule. In times of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, of course, virtual meetings are recommended!