CaT – Cloud and Tools


– Best Team Award 2016 –

Our goal

The goal of our project is to create a virtualization platform so the user can easily create any type of server. Additionally we want to improve the usabillity of the Atlassian tool suite. 

What we have done

We updated all the Atlassian tools we had available to their latest versions. Furthermore we installed some new plugins, partially due to requests by the users, and updated the ones already installed. On top of that we were operating a service desk providing support for all the other teams.

To be honest, the biggest part of our entire project was the installation and configuration of OpenNebula, a cloud computing platform. First of all, we re-installed the operating system on all of our servers and then started to install and configure OpenNebula. Although we faced some issues, we managed to get it ready for basic usage before the end of our project. At the time we are writing this text, our OpenNebula installation is using four physical hosts with more than 100GB of RAM altogether. This enables our customer to supply more than enough virtual machines to his students. There are two virtual networks ready to use for public or private purposes. A rock solid Ubuntu Server image is prepared in various versions. Thanks to LDAP integration, end users are able to log in with their already existing accounts. 

In future

Basically, OpenNebula is easy to extend. After migrating different virtual machines (hosted outside of OpenNebula) to OpenNebula it would be possible to use their previous host as additional OpenNebula node. Key advantage of this step is that there would be only a single platform responsible for all the virtual machines. Our customer would be able to manage them all via the beautiful dashboard OpenNebula offers.

To cover even more of the users' needs, we advise to roll out more images with appropriate templates.



Teammitglieder: Frederic Leist (Product Owner), Patrick Imo (Scrum Master), Christoph Backes, Tim-Pascale Bückermann, Zehra Cakir, Pascal Hornung, Dennis Kniel, Daniel Manz