IMOMI – Interactive Motion Mirror



IMOMI means "Interactive Motion Mirror". This product helps to save time, with many functions which are displayed on the mirror. Users can get their information they need for the day or news besides his/her normal morning routine. The mirror is controlled by a little piece of innovative technique, the Leap Motion. Leap Motion is a device which recognizes the movement of the hands. This way you can interact with the mirror. There are three desktops which can be arranged separately so that the user can make different desktops for different tasks. New users will see a standard desktop with different modules at first. Registered users get recognized by face detection. The standard desktop includes a clock, the dual weather, music, news and a calendar.

Functions of IMOMI

  • Calendar: The Calendar can show important appointments and if there is any traffic jam through it there is a jam warning.
  • News: The News gets RSS Feeds which can change.
  • Music: The Music Player can play and visualize music (it starts automatically for registered users and plays music dependent on user's mood).
  • Post its: The Post its are virtual pin boards. It can be send to other users which were known of the mirror.
  • Weather: The Weather shows the actual weather situation. It can be activated as Dual Weather too.
  • Clock: The Clock is visualized as an analog or a digital clock. It can be activated as dual Clock.
  • YouTube: The YouTube Video Player can play videos from YouTube. So there you can watch e.g. a tutorial or styling tipps.

IMOMI is a prototyp which is developed in the lecture "Team-oriented Project" during eight weeks at the University of Applied Sciences Worms. 

Programming and Tools

  • C#
  • Visual Studio
  • Unity
  • SDK (Leap Motion)
  • HTML Agility Pack


  • openWeather
  • google Directions
  • google Speech
  • google Translate
  • notify my Android
  • face++

Graphical Design

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator


Niklas-Dennis Kalkhof, Alexander Katzke, Ken Hasenbank, Sabine Haub, Fabian Lerch