On this website we summed up the "Frequently asked Questions" in times of Corona.

General Questions

  • I missed the freshman event. How do I get all the information I need?

    The first-semester welcome-event primarily serves to introduce the university and the services it offers. We have summarized all this information for you in our Esi booklet, which you can access via the following link: https://www.hs-worms.de/esiheft/

  • I am a freshman and have not yet received any login data for the email program, Moodle and LSF. What do I have to do?

    The access data were issued on March 12, 2020 (on the day of the actual first-semester welcoming-event) together with the student ID cards at the University of Worms.

    All students who were unable to come to the university for collection on March 12th, 2020 should have received an email sent by the students' service on March 17th, 2020, in which the login for Moodle/email program / LSF was communicated.

    The corresponding password was sent by mail on the same day. You should be able to log in with both components at the end of the week at the latest.

    The password was sent to the address given in the application, which in many cases will have been the home address. So please contact your relatives if necessary to find out the password.

    Please contact us by email (studieren@hs-worms.de) if you have not received any mail until March 24th, 2020.

  • Where can I get my student ID?

    Student IDs cannot currently be handed out.

    As soon as the university has resumed normal operations, student ID cards can be picked up in the Student Services office (M building, M05) during normal office hours.

    All first-semester students received an email on March 19, 2020, with which we sent you a certificate of enrollment. In combination with an identity card or another photo ID, this serves as a replacement for the student ID.

  • I have lost my student ID. How do I get a new ID card at the moment?

    The application for a new student ID is made via the Office of the Student Service (M Building, M05) within normal office hours. Due to the current situation, the application is not possible.

    You can print out a study certificate from the LSF, which together with a photo ID can replace the student ID.

    If you cannot print out a current confirmation from the LSF, you have not yet been re-registered.

  • I transferred my semester fee for the registration for the summer semester 2020 some time ago and according to the system I am still not registered. What is the reason?

    It may well be that the payment you made could not be automatically assigned to your student account. Please send us an email (studieren@hs-worms.de) with a payment receipt (account statement, transfer receipt, etc.) on which the reference, amount and the client of the transfer can be seen. We will then allocate the booking and report you back. You can see the feedback in the LSF at the latest one day later. If further documents for the feedback are missing, we will inform you by email.

  • Are you still open or how can I contact someone at the university?

    Due to the current situation, the University of Worms suspended to serve the public. The colleagues can be reached by email and phone. If you have to reach a contact person, research the contact details on the homepage of the University of Applied Sciences Worms on the following page: https://www.hs-worms.de/service/telefon-anreise-erste-hilfe/telefon-und-personenregister/?no_cache=1

    The library offers an emergency service through which books can be borrowed. Further information can be found at https://www.hs-worms.de/en/hochschule/organisationsbereiche/zentrale-einrichtungen/library/info-a-to-z/translate-to-english-corona/

    Central Student Advisory Service, Student Services, Exam Administration and the Bafög Office have closed to the public since March 23, 2020. Please use the contact option via email or phone:

    Central Student Advisory Service: zsb@hs-worms.de, 06241 / 509-276

    Student service: studieren@hs-worms.de, 06241 / 509-180

    Exam management: pruefungsverwaltung@hs-worms.de, 06241 / 509-181

    Bafög office: bafoegamt@hs-worms.de, 06241 / 509-183, -184 or -309

  • If the administration is closed, where can I still hand in documents?

    Please use either the mailbox in front of the A building or, if it is mail for the Bafög office, the student service or the examination administration of the university, the mailbox in front of the M building.

  • Can I currently deregister?

    It is still possible to de-register due to a completed degree or when changing universities or for other reasons.

    You can receive the application for de-registration from our homepage: 

    De-registration application

    Please fill it in and send it to us either by email (studieren@hs-worms.de) or by regular mail.

    Please request the discharge of the library via email (bibliothek@hs-worms.de) and attach the reply email to your de-registration application.

    Due to the current situation, the application cannot currently be submitted personally to the Student Service.

  • I have applied for my certificate. Is this created at all due to the current situation?

    We will, of course, continue to process applications for certificates. However, since some people have to sign here and some of them are currently very irregular at the university, it can take a little longer to prepare the certificate. Please have some understanding and patience and refrain from any inquiries. If you need confirmation in the meantime that you have successfully completed your studies, please contact the colleagues in the Examination Administration (pruefungsverwaltung@hs-worms.de)

  • I need a certificate, however, the examination office and the student service office are closed. How do I get the certificate?

    Please send us an email to studieren@hs-worms.de or pruefungsverwaltung@hs-worms.de and tell us which certificate you need. You will then receive this either by email or by regular mail.

  • I had planned to collect my requested certificate in person from the examination office, but it is now closed. How do I get the certificate?

    Certificates cannot currently be picked up on-site. We will only send them by regular mail.

  • I cannot take my language test, which was an admission requirement because the test center canceled me. Will I now be de-registered?

    No, you will not be de-registered. Proof of language proficiency must be provided by the end of the first year of study. If you have reached this deadline and you cannot prove the result of the language test, we will extend the deadline by one semester to give you time in this regard.

  • I cannot do my internship, which was a prerequisite for admission, because I am unable to find an internship due to the current situation or because the company terminated early. Will I now be de-registered?

    No, you will not be de-registered. Evidence of the pre-internship must be provided by the end of the first year of study. If you have reached this deadline and you cannot prove the internship to be completed, we will extend the deadline by one semester to give you time in this regard.

  • Is the 24-hour PC pool still open?

    Yes, the room is still open, but no more than 2 people should be there at the same time. If you want to enter the room and see that two people are already in it, we ask you to wait or come back later. The decision is based on the nationwide ban on contacts, according to which gatherings of more than two people are not permitted.

  • Will there be an application process for the winter semester 2020/21?

    The application portal will open on May 2nd, 2020 for the master's programs at Worms University.

    It is not yet possible to apply for the Bachelor's programs at Worms University. However, we will inform you on the homepage of the applicant portal as soon as we have the starting date here.

  • I had started my internship semester and can no longer continue working due to Corona. Can I use the 12 weeks already completed for my pre-internship (admission requirements)?

    Yes, that is possible. Please have your work performed certified and submit the certificate by email (studieren@hs-worms.de), with the note that this is the certificate for the pending internship.

  • I cannot send my application by post because my country is under Corona Lock Down - mail delivery or poster holding does not work. How can I submit the application to the university?

    Please send us your documents on time to application@hs-worms.de .

    Sending the documents by regular mail is then no longer necessary.

Questions related to exams

  • Are exams currently taking place?

    From March 18th, 2020 to April 20th, 2020 there will be no exams at Worms University. Individual examinations (e.g. colloquia) can be carried out if both the lecturer and the student do agree. If one of the two parties does not agree to the physical presence being carried out, the examination will be postponed or supported by the media (e.g. via video conferences).

  • Due to the current development, I cannot have my thesis, which I have to hand in promptly, printed, and bound. What alternative options do I have and how do I hand in my thesis on time if the examination office no longer has opening hours?

    As part of an exemption, theses that would have to be submitted by August 31, 2020, can only be submitted in digital form. This means that you can submit your thesis on a USB stick or CD, as well as by email.

    When submitting via USB stick or CD, proceed as follows:

    • Provide the file names with your name and your matriculation number

    • Save the final thesis in PDF and DOCX format on one of the media mentioned above

    • Create a declaration of honor, print it out, sign it, scan the signed version, and save this scan on the stick.

    o Alternatively, you can also provide your document with your digitally existing / already scanned signature, so that you do not have to print it out and scan it again

    • Pack the CD or the USB stick in an envelope and enclose a short cover letter in which you also tell us whether the thesis was written in collaboration with a company and therefore contains sensitive data and may, therefore, require a blocking notice

    • Throw the envelope in the outside mailbox of the examination administration at the M building on time and write down the appropriate date on which it was dropped. If you cannot come to Worms University to hand in your thesis, you can also send the envelope by post. However, please choose a delivery method that allows you to follow up.

    When submitting by email, proceed as follows:

    · Provide the file names with your name and your matriculation number

    · Attach the final thesis in PDF and DOCX format to an email

    o If the documents are too large, you can alternatively upload them to a cloud and copy the link to the shared cloud folder into the email

    o The university provides you with cloud services. Further information can be found under the following link: https://www.hs-worms.de/hochschule/organisationsbereiche/zentrale-einrichtungen/rechenzentrum/profil-service/cloud-dienste/

    • Create a declaration of honor, print it out, sign it, scan the signed version and attach this scan to the email or put it in the cloud folder

    o Alternatively, you can also provide your document with your digitally existing / already scanned signature, so that you do not have to print it out and scan it again

    · Please also inform us in the email whether the thesis was written in cooperation with a company and therefore possibly contains sensitive data and therefore requires a blocking notice

    · Send the email to pruefungsverwaltung@hs-worms.de on time

  • I can currently only contact the professors by phone and email. How should I approach the registration for a practical semester or a thesis?

    The following steps have to be completed:

    1. Download the form for registering for a practical semester/thesis at the following link: https://www.hs-worms.de/fileadmin/media/SG2/Pruefungsverwaltung/2020_02_07_Formular_Abschlussarbeiten_Druckbare_Version.pdf.

    2. Fill out the document electronically and digitally sign it

    3. Send the form to your supervisor, who will also provide it digitally with his / her signature and then forwarded the form to the faculty dean's office or the department's secretariat for submission to the chair of the examination board

    4. As soon as the examination office has received the form from the course, the registration is systematically recorded.

  • Are deadlines for thesis postponed?

    All deadlines for theses whose start date has been scheduled until March 20, 2020, are extended automatically for another 6 weeks.

    For registrations from March 20, 2020, the extension period will be reduced proportionally.

    This is briefly illustrated using the example of a thesis with a processing time of 3 months:

    Example 1:

    Start of processing time: 18.03.2020

    Regular end of processing time: 17.06.2020

    New delivery date due to the extension of the deadline of 6 weeks: 29.07.2020

    Example 2:

    Start of processing time: 27.03.2020

    Regular end of processing time: 26.06.2020

    New submission date due to the extension of the deadline (deadline reduced proportionally): 24.07.2020

    Please refrain from individual inquiries regarding the extension. The renewal is automatic, you do not have to be active in this regard. The new delivery date will be visible to you in the LSF and will not be certified separately.

  • Can final colloquia be held at the moment?

    Individual exams can be carried out in presence if both the lecturer and the student explicitly agree to the implementation in this form. Alternatively, final colloquia can also be carried out with media support (using Adobe Connect, etc.).

  • I am currently in a semester abroad and am faced with the decision to return to Germany. What happens to the services that I should have done abroad?

    The Federal Foreign Office issued a worldwide travel warning on March 17, 2020, and recommended that you return immediately to your home country. Worms University of Applied Sciences, therefore, recommends that its students who are currently studying abroad return to Germany promptly.

    Upon your return, please contact your family doctor immediately and in advance by telephone, informing them of the period for which you have been abroad, and asking what you should now consider.

    Services that you would have achieved while studying abroad can be made up for at Worms University of Applied Sciences. When you return, please contact the contact person for studying abroad in your department or field of study. This person will advise you on the possibilities that include can look like this:

    · If the partner university enables students to take examinations, in particular exams, at Worms University, we offer this to the students.

    · Alternatively, suitable courses from your own course or from other courses can be taken. It is important to clarify when it is sensible to provide these services

    If you would like to make up for the stay abroad at a later date while extending the standard period of study, you are of course free to do so.

  • Due to the current development, I have to cancel my internship semester prematurely or the company has terminated my contract prematurely. Whats should I do now?

    If your internship had just started or if you had to cancel within the first 5 weeks or if the contract was terminated within this period, the internship must be done later. In such a case, there is the option to move to another semester: If your internship semester, for example in the 4th semester (summer semester 2020), take the courses of the 5th (or 6th semester, if you are planning a semester abroad in the 5th semester) and complete your internship semester one or two semesters later (if applicable) Winter semester 20/21 or summer semester 2021).

    If this is your last achievement in your studies and you would like to avoid extending the standard period of study, please contact your supervisor. In this case, there is the possibility, as an alternative, to find a practice-oriented topic for homework that can be worked on.

    If you have already completed 6 or more weeks of your internship semester, you have the option of completing the outstanding weeks at a later date either with the same internship partner or with another internship partner.

    If this is your last achievement in your studies and you would like to avoid extending the standard period of study, please contact your supervisor, so that in this case a practical topic for homework can be found for the remaining weeks You can edit.

    If you have already completed 75% or more of your internship semester, the internship semester is considered to have been completed and you will prepare your internship semester report based on this period if such a report is required by the examination regulations.

    For internships abroad, the general rule is that outstanding weeks can also be completed domestically.

  • I failed my final thesis on the first attempt. However, the deadline for registering the second attempt expires on April 20, 2020. How should I behave?

    In this case, the deadline for registering the second attempt for the final thesis will be postponed. You will be informed of a new registration deadline.

  • Are exam-reviewing currently taking place?

    The organization of the exam-reviewingis the responsibility of the departments and fields of study, not the examination office of the university.

    Please inquire with the contact persons on site whether you can view an exam or not.

    Exams are generally not scanned and sent by email. We ask for your understanding if an exam-reviewing is either not possible or only with the appropriate advance notice and under certain restrictions.

    If possible, please postpone viewing until the university has resumed regular operations.

  • I am currently writing my thesis in collaboration with a company. Due to the current situation, the processing of my topic (practical implementation) is not possible or only to a very limited extent. Is there a option that I can extend my p

    All deadlines for submitting theses are being extended due to the corona crisis. The adjustment happens automatically and the new delivery date can be viewed in the LSF. If this extension should not be useful, please contact your supervisor and check together the possibilities to convert the practice-oriented question into a theoretically oriented question in the same/similar area.

  • What happens to the examination period this semester?

    The responsible people at the university are currently developing concepts for carrying out the examination phase this semester, as this will not take place as usual. As soon as changes arise, we will inform all students in detail. Until then, we ask for your patience and refrain from inquiring in this regard.

  • Short-time working as prescribed in the company in which I do my internship semester. What impact does this have on my internship semester?

    Since the employment contract still exists within the framework of short-time work, this does not affect the internship semester. In this case, however, please contact your supervisor, because in this case there may be the possibility and the need to work on a practical topic for a term paper or project that is appropriate to the time scope of the exemption.

  • Due to the termination of my internship or semester abroad, I have unplanned free capacity. Can I take part in (online) lectures and take exams?

    You can take part in (online) lectures and take exams. Please select the relevant Moodle courses promptly to receive all information from the teacher. Registration for exams is done via LSF.

  • I failed an exam in the winter semester. Do I have to continue the exam in the summer semester 2020 in a second or third attempt?

    If there is an obligation to repeat an examination that has not been passed in the winter semester 2019/2020 or failed due to illness in this semester, this obligation is suspended for the summer semester 2020; i.e. the university does not register you automatically. However, you can register to repeat exams by yourself within the exam registration period. If you register for the exam in a second or third attempt, the exam must be taken regularly. Check your registered exams carefully in the LSF and make a printout or screenshot BEFORE the registration deadline. After the registration deadline, registration is no longer possible.

    If no registration is made, the obligation applies to repeat the second or third attempt at the corresponding examination date in the winter semester 2020/2021.

  • I received a notification in the last semester to submit an official medical certificate. Do I have to submit one this semester?

    No, the obligation to submit official medical certificates is suspended this semester. However, please note that this only applies to the summer semester 2020. If you register sick for an exam in the winter semester 20/21 for which there is an official doctor request, then from the beginning of the winter semester 20/21 such an official medical certificate must be submitted until the exam has been passed.

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