On this website we summed up the "Frequently asked Questions" in times of Corona.

General questions

  • 1. General Matters related to Buildings, Opening Hours and Availability of Contact Persons in Administration and Departments

    The campus buildings are currently not open, with the exception of the A-building. If you need to enter a building to take care of an urgent matter, you can do so using your valid student ID.

    On the outside doors of the buildings, you can find lists of the relevant contacts, so you can call our staff on the phone as well.

    Student Services, Examination Office and the BAföG Office do currently not offer office hours. If you have an urgent request that requires [meeting in person [tbc], you can always  make an appointment via phone or email.

    The responsible individuals in these units are available as follows:

    Student Services: studieren@hs-worms.de, +49 6241/509-180

    Examination Office: pruefungsverwaltung@hs-worms.de, +49 6241/509-181

    BAföG Office: bafoegamt@hs-worms.de, +49 6241/509-184 oder -309

    Hours and services of the library can be seen here.

  • 2. Picking up or Submitting Confirmations, Certificates and Other Documents

    General Confirmations (Transcripts, Clearance Certificates, etc.) 

    These documents can always be requested via email (studieren@hs-worms.de). We will then send them to you in the mail or via email.  

    Enrolment Certification:

    After a successful re-registation for the Winter Semester 2020-21, you can print these when logged into the LSF portal. This is also where you can find the enrolment certification needed for the BAföG Office. 


    As soon as you have completed all the required coursework of your course of study, we will send a form to you in the mail that you can use to request your certificate. Please fill in and sign the form, enclose 4,05€ in stamps, and return everything to us in the mail or by directly dropping it into the outside mailbox at the M-building on campus. Due to the large number of people involved in the process, creating the certificate will take about three to four weeks, especially at a time when part of our staff does not work on campus regularly. If you, in the meantime, need proof that you have graduated, you can request a confirmation at the Examination Office (pruefungsverwaltung@hs-worms.de). 

    Disenrolment Certification:

    You can find a form to request your disenrolment on our website: Exmatrikulationsantrag. Please fill in the form and sign the form, and send it to us in the mail or via email. You are of course also welcome to drop the form into the outside mailbox at the M-building on campus.  

    To discharge your library account, please write an email to bibliothek@hs-worms.de. You can then attach the response to the above-mentioned form to request your disenrolment.  

    Other Documents:

    To submit documents such as internship certificates or other documents related to the admission to your degree program, you can always mail them to Student Services ((Erenburgerstr. 19, 67549 Worms) or drop them into the outside mailbox of the M-building.

    Please note that official certifications (to prove the authenticity of your documents) cannot be sent via email.

  • 3. Validation of Student IDs and Application for New Student IDs


    Currently, you can validate your student ID for the upcoming winter term on the first floor of the A-building, at the validation terminal of our IT department (“Rechenzentrum“).

    Please note that you can do so only when you have successfully re-registered for the new semester.   

    Application for New Student IDs:

    The Office of Student Services (M-building, M-05) manages incoming applications for new student IDs. While you can usually request a new ID during their office hours, an application is unfortunately not possible at the moment due to the current situation.

    Another option is to print an enrolment certification from LSF, which replaces the ID along with a regular ID (such as an identity card or a driver’s license).

    If you cannot print a current certification from LSF, you are not re-registered yet. 

    Replacing Student IDs:

    If you do not have a student ID, you can use a current enrolment certification along with a regular ID (such as an identity card or a driver’s license) instead.

  • 4. Re-Registration for the Winter Semester 2020/2021

    You are successfully re-registered for the Winter Semester 2020/2021 as soon as we have received your payment of the semester fee. Further information on the re-registration process can be found here.

    If you have transferred the fee, but cannot print a new enrolment certification from LSF within a week from the transfer, the payment may not have been assigned to your student account automatically. In that case, please send us a payment receipt (bank statement, receipt of transfer, etc.) that shows the reference, the amount and the sender of the transfer. We will then match the payment, and re-register you. You can see on LSF you are re-registered a day afterwards, at the latest. If there are documents missing, we will inform you via email.

  • 5. Information for Freshmen in the Winter Semester 2020/2021

    The Welcome Event for our first-year Master’s students takes place on September 24, 2020.

    For the students beginning an advanced semester, there is a Welcome Event on September 25, 2020.

    On October 29, 2020, we will then welcome our new first-year Bachelor’s students. 

    On these days, you will not only be welcomed, you can also pick up your student ID and get to know the campus. In late September, we will set up a new, separate part on our website (www.hs-worms.de) with further information. If you have questions in the meantime, you can always contact Student Services at studieren@hs-worms.de.

  • 6. Registration for a Practical Study Phase or for Thesis

    To register for a practical study phase or your thesis, you can do the following:

    • download the registration form here,
    • fill out and sign the form electronically (or, print, fill out and sign, and then scan the document),
    • send the form to your supervisor, who will then also sign the form electronically and then forward it to dean’s office or the (secretary’s) office of the department. They will submit it to he chair of the audit committee.

    As soon as the Examination Office receives the form from the department, the registration is recorded automatically.

  • 7. Internships and Practical Study Phases

    Pre-study internship as an admission requirement

    If, according to your letter of admission, you need to do a business internship of 12 weeks within the first year of your studies, you can submit proof of that internship to Student Services. Before sending it to Student Sevices via email (studieren@hs-worms.de), please make sure that the confirmation indicates the duration of  the internship as well as the activities performed. 

    The internship can also be split into two units of six weeks each.

    If you have any issues come up related to your pre-study internship, please contact Student Services.

    Practical Study Phase and Working Short Time (“Kurzarbeit“):

    Working short time does not affect your practical study phase since you still have a contract (of employment) when working short time. Nevertheless, please contact your supervisor as there may be the possibility and the necessity to submit an additional project or paper corresponding to the time you were exempt form working. 

    Early Cancellation of a Practical Study Phase due to Covid-19:

    You have to finish [or repeat] your practical study phase at a later time given that you were just about to start working, that you had to cancel no more than five weeks into your practical study phase, or that your contract was terminated within that time frame. In that case, you can replace your practical study phase with a later semester: for instance, if your practical study phase was scheduled for your fourth semester (Summer Semester 2020), you can take classes from your fifth semester (or, from your sixth semester if your semester abroad was scheduled for the fifth semester). You can then do your practical study phase one or two semesters later (Winter Semester 2020/2021 or Summer Semester 2021).

    If your practical study phase is the last requirement of your course of study and you do not want to extend the regular duration, please contact your supervisor. In this case, you may be able to submit a paper on a practice-oriented subject instead.  

    On the other hand, if you have already completed six or more weeks of your practical study phase, you may finish the remaining weeks with the same or another practice partner at a later time.

    If your practical study phase is the last requirement of your course of study and you do not want to extend the regular duration, please contact your supervisor. In this case, you may be able to submit a paper on a practice-oriented subject instead.  

    As a third option, if you have completed 75% or more, your practical study phase is considered complete, and you can write a report based on that time if required to so according to the examination regulations specific to your course of study.

    Generally, practical study phases abroad can be completed in Germany as well.

  • 8. Submitting Final Theses

    According to a current exemption clause, theses can be submitted by February 28, 2021 (last day of the Winter Semester 2020/21) as follows:

    1. Two bound hard copies

    (including a digital version on a CD/ flash drive) according to the general examination regulations. To submit the hard copies, please send them to us in the mail in due time, or drop them into the outside mailbox at the M-building. Submitting the hard copies in person is currently not possible. 


    2. Electronically

    • on a flash drive or
    • on a CD or
    • via email 

    Submitting your thesis electronically is possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You do not need to submit an extra version as a hard copy. 

    When submitting your thesis on a CD or a flash drive, please proceed as follows:

    • The file names have to include your name and student ID number
    • Save your thesis as a PDF and as a DOCX document on one of the above-mentioned media
    • Create a “Declaration of Authenticity,“ print it, sign it, scan the signed version and save that scan on the flash drive.     
    • More easily, if you have a scanned version of your signature, you can use that one on the “Declaration of Authenticity.“    
    • Put the CD or the flash drive into an envelope, enclose a brief cover letter including a statement on whether the thesis was written in collaboration with a company, and, if so, whether the thesis contains sensitive data requiring a non-disclosure notice. 
    • Drop the envelope into the outside mailbox of the Examination Office (M-building) and note the current date on the envelope (i.e. the day you drop off your thesis). If you cannot come to Worms to submit your thesis, you can send the envelope in the mail as well. In that case, please make sure to choose a shipping (i.e. delivery) service that allows you to trace the delivery.

    When submitting your thesis via email, please proceed as follows:

    • The file names have to include your name and student ID number
    • Attach your thesis to an email as a PDF or as a DOCX document
    • If the files are too large, you can also upload them in a cloud and copy the link into the email to share the folder.  
    • Worms University of Applied Sciences offers cloud services; further information can be found here.
    • Create a “Declaration of Authenticity,“ print it, sign it, scan the signed version and attach it to your email or place it in the same cloud folder.
    • More easily, if you have a scanned version of your signature, you can use that one on the “Declaration of Authenticity.“   
    • In your email, please also let us know whether the thesis was written in collaboration with a company, and, if so, whether the thesis contains sensitive data requiring a non-disclosure notice

    Send your email to pruefungsverwaltung@hs-worms.de in due time.

  • 9. Exam Review

    Exam reviews are organized by the faculties and departments, not by the Examination Office. Please ask the respective departmental contacts if an exam review is possible.

  • 10. General Remarks related to the Exam Period in the Winter Semester 2020/2021

    Exam Period and Examination Plan:

    The exam period in the Winter Semester 2020/2021 starts in mid-January of 2021. Individual exams, however, may be scheduled earlier.

    The exact dates and times of your exams can be found on the examination plan of your respective course of study. The plans will be published on a departmental notice board, on the website or in general Moodle courses. For further (i.e. more detailed) information, please contact the general (secretary’s) office of your department. 

    The examination plan includes the exam dates and the examiners as well as the respective type of exam. Please note that exam dates can still change, so please make sure to check the plan regularly. 

    Signing up for an Exam:

    You can register or de-register for the exams on LSF. The deadline to register in the Winter Semester 2020/21 is December 01, 2020.

    Information on Continuation Requirements: 

    The Senate of Worms University of Applied Sciences has suspended the continuation requirements by resolution for the Winter Semester 2020/21.

    What does a suspension of the Continuation Requirements mean exactly?

    If you are formally required to retake an exam that you did not pass or did not take due to sickness in the Winter Semester 2019/2020 or in the Summer Semester 2020, this obligation is suspended for the Winter Semester 2020/2021, that means Worms University of Applied Sciences will not automatically register you for the exam. You can, however, register fort he exam yourself within the registration period (deadline: December 01, 2020). If you register for a second or third attempt, the exam must be taken according to the regular examination rules. Please check your registrations carefully on LSF, and make a screenshot or print them PRIOR TO the registration deadline. After the deadline, a registration is not possible anymore. 

    If you do not register, you are again formally required to take your second or third attempt in the Summer Semester 2021.

    Doctor’s Notes by Medical Officers:

    The obligation to submit a doctor’s note by a medical officer has been suspended for the Winter Semester 2020/2021. However, please note that this suspension only(!) applies to the Winter Semester 2020/2021. If you report sick for an exam that requires a doctor’s note by a medical officer in the Summer Semester 2021, you will have to turn in such a doctor’s note starting in the Summer Semester 2021 until the exam is passed.

    Notes on General Examination Procedures:

    Worms University of Applied Sciences has issued a hygiene plan for exams that students, faculty and staff have to follow. The plan can be found here.

    Moreover, the hygiene plan, as amended, is binding for all university members. You can download the hygiene plan in the Hochschulanzeiger of Worms University of Applied Sciences.

    Examination Procedures for High Risk Groups

    High risk groups are admitted to on-campus exams as well. They will not take the exam with the regular, larger groups, but separately in smaller rooms. Since the inividual needs of persons in high risk groups can be very diverse, we want to respond to the individual needs separately. 

    For information on high risk groups, we want to direct your attention to a statement oft he Robert-Koch-Institute on this subject: RKI Coronavirus Risikogruppen

    If you are part of one of these high-risk groups, we need a doctor’s note stating that exams need to be taken separately in order to minimize the risk of infection. Please submit such doctor’s note tot he Examination Office three weeks prior to the exam date, so the department can plan the necessary measures accordingly and the audit committee can make a decision in that context.

  • 11. Summer Semester 2020: Exemption Clause regarding the Standard Study Period

    According to the Higher Education Act that the State Parliament of Rhineland-Palatinate has passed, the standard study period has been extended for one semester for those students (only) who were enrolled in a degree program in Rhineland-Palatinate in the Summer Semester 2020 and who were not on leave of absence.

    What does this mean for you?

    In order to understand this regulation, you will first have to be aware of the different ways of counting “semesters“:

    1.Fachsemester, i.e. number of semesters enrolled in a particular degree program of a particular university

    2.Hochschulsemester, i.e. total number of semesters enrolled at a university in general (“Fachsemester“ + semesters on leave of absence)

    3. “Regelstudienzeit eines Studiengangs“/ standard study period of a degree program

    4. „Individuelle Regelstudienzeit“/ individual ‚standard‘ study period based on the above-mentioned regulations of the Higher Education Act

    Both “Fachsemester“ and “Hochschulsemester“ are not affected by the above-mentioned exemption, and will be counted as usual. 

    Please note: your total number of semesters (both “Fachsemester“ and “Hochschulsemester“) will not be reset nor reduced, and the Summer Semester 2020 will still appear on your transcript/ cours of studies!  

    Cf. (3): generally, the standard study period of a degree program remains the same (as regulated in the respective curriculum). For instance, given that – according to the curriculum – six semesters is the standard study period of the Bachelor’s program “Retail Management,“ this standard study period will generally remain the same.   

    Cf. (4): the exemption is effective only for your individual ‚standard‘ study period in your degree program, and only if you were enrolled in this very degree program (and not on leave of absence) in the Summer Semester 2020.   

    For example, if you are enrolled in the Bachelor‘s program “Retail Management“ – which has a standard study period of six semesters according to the curriculum – and you were enrolled in this program and not on leave of absence in the Summer Semester 2020, your individual ‚standard‘ study period will be extended for one semester adding up to a total of seven (7) semesters.

    An example: 

    In the Summer Semester 2020, you are in your third Bachelor’s semester (“Fachsemester“) of the degree program “Retail Management,“ which has six semesters of a standard study period according to the curriculum. Despite the exemption, you are still in your third semester, and will be in your fourth semester (“Fachsemester“) in the Winter Semester 2020/21.

    The degree program still has a standard study period of six semesters as well.

    However, in this example, you now have an individual ‚standard‘ study period of seven (7) semesters. Graduating in your seventh (7th) semester will, therefore, still be within your standard study period.  

    Please note that we do not issue confirmations or other documents as proof of this regulation, since this exemption is legally valid, and the reference (§ 27, item 5, Higher Education Act Rhineland-Palatinate) will be applied automatically.

    This exemption has been developed and issued primarily with regard to the subject of financial support during your studies, so the “BAföG“-Office is aware. No further confirmations are needed.

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