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International Tourism Management (M.A.)

Tourism/Travel Management

The Master's study programme is modular. A module is a group of content and chronologically-coordinated individual subjects that forms a self-contained, testable study unit with credits. Each module is usually completed by a module exam. The Master's course of study is successfully completed by passing all module exams.

The individual subjects and modules are allocated credit points (CP). These are credit points which are obtained at the university by passing the relevant examinations. These are designed to ensure that the academic achievements of students at European universities are comparable.

The modules are comprised of compulsory subjects and electives. Compulsory subjects are subjects which require that all students take an exam. Electives are alternatively offered in subject catalogs, from which students must choose exam subjects to a prescribed extent.

You can find the modules and the corresponding individual subjects, the subject status (compulsory or elective) and the number of semester hours per week in the Curriculum Overview.

The Master's programme involves 120 credit points (CP) comprised of:

  • 52 CP for compulsory subjects
  • 29 CP for electives (without the case study, without the thesis)
  • 9 CP for the case study

The Master's thesis must be taken as a compulsory module. It is weighted with 30 CP.

These are the possible electives in detail:

  • Regarding foreign languages, English is the compulsory foreign language. Students from the 2nd semester must also take a second foreign language course, either French or Spanish. Prior knowledge of this foreign language is required. The selected second foreign language must be retained throughout the entire Master's programme.
  • In the "International Tourism Management" module, students must select three of the total seven Special Business Administration Studies (SBWL) courses offered:         
    • Tour operator management and Travel agency management
    • Transport Carrier Management
    • Destination Management
    • Hotel Management
    • Business Travel Management
    • Event Management
    • Travel Technology

In the "Business Project Studies/Business Simulations" sub-module, students select one of the seven case studies or business simulation games that are offered as part of the aforementioned Special Business Administration course.

Master's students have the opportunity to study abroad after prior consultation with the Tourism/Transport Management department. The department will assist students in selecting an appropriate university abroad and in preparing their stay. Details on how to proceed and the partner universities can be found here.