Profil of the faculty of Business Management

International and industry-specific

Business Management

Three departments

Strong contacts into the economy

The faculty of Business Management offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes with a strong international and/or industry-specific focus in its three departments.

The internationality is not only reflected in the content of the business administration subjects. Learning other foreign languages and intercultural skills round off the study programme. In the tax programmes, on the other hand, the content is strongly practice-oriented and geared towards starting a career in the tax consulting professions. The consecutive Master's programmes offer a choice of specialisation subjects with a focus on internationality and/or industry and application orientation. Attractive cooperation partners open up ideal opportunities for students to start their careers through the practice-oriented education.

Contacts with the business economy are not only commonplace due to the diverse cooperation partners, but also manifest themselves through numerous lectures and projects integrated into the courses, so that, in addition, an up-to-dateness of the learning content is always guaranteed.

The possibility of writing the final thesis in a company both at home and abroad opens up the opportunity for students to shape their career entry globally even before completing their studies.