Examination office

Welcome to the website of the Student Affairs Department! 

Our team of Student Office and Examination Office assist you during your course of studies and can answer your questions concerning the organisation of your course of studies - from application to de-registration.

The transition from school to University comes with a lot of challenges. Being successful during your studies requires a certain amount of organisation! 

On the following sites we have arranged a lot of information as well as details for contact persons for helping you orientating at UAS Worms. 

Please take a look around and do not hesitate to contact us. 

Your team of Student Office and Examination Office 

(De-)Registration for/from Exams

On this website you will find information for registering and deregistering from exams as well as deadlines that apply

Inability to sit an exam 

What to do in case of illness and how to hand in medical certificates

Notarizing university documents

Graduates can authenticate the diploma or certificate obtained from Worms University of Applied Sciences at the examination office for a fee as well as order duplicates

Final theses

Information for registering and submitting your final thesis will be provided here

Examination Certificates

Did you complete your studies at UAS Worms? Then you will find information about issuing your examination certificate here.


You need a certain certifiation? Please find further information on this website