Overview Staff Mobility

Inbound teaching staff

New perspectives and ideas are not just welcomed at the Hochschule Worms, they are encouraged. We are always open to hosting professors and instructors from institutions around the world as temporary faculty for short- and long-term stays. If your institution is an ERASMUS+ partner with Hochschule Worms, please consult with the ERASMUS+ coordinator at your university for more information on applying for a temporary teaching position at our institution through the ERASMUS+ exchange framework.

If your university is not an ERASMUS+ partner, the Hochschule Worms accepts applications to teach at the university as a guest lecturer. To find out more about how to apply, please contact Mr. Joachim Mayer (mayer@hs-worms.de) if you are interested in teaching as a guest lecturer.

Outbound Teaching Staff

For members of the Hochschule Worms faculty who are interested in spending periods working abroad, there are two available options – the first is through ERASMUS+ at a participating university, and the second is through programmes and funding provided by the DAAD.


European partner schools enrolled in the ERASMUS+ programme can host the Hochschule Worms faculty as lecturers at their institution, and the programme provides funding and support for faculty during their time working abroad. Participating faculty members are expected to provide instruction that would normally be unavailable to students at the host institution without travelling abroad and would contribute to the development of coordinated curricula, teaching methods and material between our university and the host university.

The following faculty are eligible for ERASMUS+ support abroad:

  • Professors and instructors under contract with the Hochschule Worms
  • Instructors lacking funds to support themselves abroad
  • Part-time lecturers under contract with the Hochschule Worms
  • Professors emeritus and pensioned instructors
  • Full-time research associates

ERASMUS+ offers the following measures for funding and support:

  • Reimbursement of travel costs
  • Partial subsidy for living costs during the stay
  • Specific grants for instructors with special needs

Here you can find all the documents you need to apply for ERASMUS+ Grants for Teaching and Training Mobility:

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact:

Mr. Joachim Mayer
E: mayer@hs-worms.de
P: +49(0)6241.509-266


The second option for the Hochschule Worms faculty who wish to teach abroad is to go through the DAAD. This is the best option if you have decided that your top priority is a destination that is not an ERASMUS+ member university. DAAD provides both programmes and funding, including short- and long-term lecturing positions, specially arranged lecturing positions in North America and offerings for professors emeritus and pensioned university instructors. See the information provided on their website for more details: https://www.daad.de/ausland/lehren/de/.