Student Services

Welcome to the website of the Student Affairs Department! 

Our team of Student Office and Examination Office assist you during your course of studies and can answer your questions concerning the organisation of your course of studies - from application to de-registration.

The transition from school to University comes with a lot of challenges. Being successful during your studies requires a certain amount of organisation! 

On the following sites we have arranged a lot of information as well as details for contact persons for helping you orientating at UAS Worms. 

Please take a look around and do not hesitate to contact us. 

Your team of Student Office and Examination Office 

Information for applying at UAS Worms

On the following website you will find plenty of information for applying for a degree course at our University

Information for accepted applicants                           

When you've received an admission offer from our University you will find any further information concerning the registration on this website.

Freshmen Dates                               

After having registered you will find plenty of information for welcoming events in your first semester at UAS Worms. Please consider: This website is only visible during the application procedure

Recognition of Qualifications

If you already have a transcript of records from another University, you can check if your courses can be recognized

Leave of Absence

On this website you will find information about applying for a leave of absence

Reregistration and Fees

Here we will provide information for re-registering into a new a semester as well as payment of other fees


If you'd like to deregister from our University, you will find information here

Guest Auditor                                                          

On this website you will find an applicaton form for becoming a guest auditor at UAS Worms

Health Insurance Notification Procedure

On this website you will find some information for the necessary health insurcance during your studies in Worms

Pregnancy and Nursing Period

Information for the optional notification of your pregnancy will be provided on this website


You need a certain certifiation? Please find further information on this website

Application for Repayment of the solidarity share

From now on, students who were enrolled in the summer semester 2022 can apply for a refund of the difference between the semester fee already paid for June, July and August and the 9€ ticket.