Aims, Content, Structure

Applied Computer Science, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Computer Science


Our objective is to enable you to master and manage basic technologies and to design and develop large-scale application systems. Therefore, the program teaches scientific basics, concepts and methods of the core disciplines in computer science:

  • Methodological competence as knowledge of general fundamentals and general structural relationships
  • Professional competence as an understanding of the basic concepts of information technology and, building on this, as the practice of creative and constructive handling in order to be able to develop and adapt hardware and software systems confidently
  • Social competence with the sensitization of the students for the social aspects in working life and for the 'social dimension' of information technology

These specialized skills are developed in an application-oriented manner during the internships, some of which are interdisciplinary. Thus, you will receive a professionally qualifying academic degree, which will enable you to independently pursue a versatile professional, scientifically influenced activity as a computer scientist. 


Study Contents

The general computer science fundamentals taught provide a solid basis for independent in-depth study of all technological facets and the rapid changes to which students must react to in their professional lives. The working techniques practiced in the course of study also help in this respect. If students want to deepen and broaden their knowledge after graduating with a bachelor's degree, the master's degree program in Mobile Computing or Mobile Computing - dual at Hochschule Worms offers the right opportunity to do so.

Individual Focus of Studies

You can flexibly and individually adapt the study contents to your individual goals. For this purpose, you can choose from the following specializations:

At the beginning of your studies, you do not have to make a commitment - a change and also a cross-focus selection is possible during your studies.

Duration of Studies

The Applied Computer Science program is designed as a 7-semester program, but it is also possible to graduate after six semesters if you omit the practical and/or study abroad semester.

The decision for one of the two variants can be made during the course of your studies.

Practical Semester and Semester Abroad

We actively support the implementation of a practical semester in a company or studying at a university abroad.