Pregnancy and Parental Leave


If you are pregnant or already a parent, we have compiled important information for you here. Below you will find helpful and interesting links and advice on the subject of pregnancy, maternity leave and parental leave.

If you work at Hochschule Worms, please always remember to inform the Human Resources Department (SG 1) if you are pregnant.

Are you already thinking about returning to work? University employees also have the opportunity to work partially remotely. Please refer to the intranet for information on the options, where you will find the service agreement on mobile working. If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department (SG 1).

In general, if you want to access university services remotely, you will find further information on the pages of the Computer Center and the Library. In case you are a student please get in contact with our Student Service Office.

  • Maternity Leave

    Here you will find important information about maternity leave.

  • Maternity/Family Benefits

    You can find comprehensive information about the various maternity/family benefits on the family portal of the BMFSFJ (Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth). Your health insurance provider is also a good point of contact in this matter.

  • Parental Leave

    Important information on parental leave can be found here.

  • Parental Allowance

    Information about parental allowance can be found on the website of the BMFSFJ (Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth). It also makes sense to consult the parental allowance office of the city of Worms, if you live in Worms.

    If you want to get a feel for how much parental allowance you can expect to receive, use the free and non-binding parental allowance calculator from the BMFSFJ (Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth).

    After the birth of your child, you can apply for your parental allowance digitally (depending on where you live). Tip: The application can be saved temporarily so that you can start before the birth.

  • Child Benefit and Child Supplement

    Important information on child benefit and child supplement can be found here:

    If you want to apply for child benefit online after the birth of your child, you can find the relevant page of the Federal Employment Agency here.

  • Important Information for Births until August 31, 2021

    If your child(ren) was born before August 31, 2021, you will find important information here (information only available in German).

  • Single-Parent Families

    The Association of single mothers and fathers e.V., the so-called VAMV, offers helpful information and information brochures on its website (only available in German language).

    If you live in Rhineland-Palatinate, you can get here online advice from the VAMV free of charge and anonymously, if you wish.

  • For Students: Pregnancy and Parental Leave

    Please find here important information by our student service office in case you are student of Hochschule Worms and you are pregnant.

    Further interesting links:

  • Family Office of the City of Worms

    The family office of the city of Worms guides families through the wide range of services offered in the city. To this end, individual needs are clarified and the various services are explained during the family advice session in the town hall. You can find more information about this service offered by the city of Worms here (page can be translated, click on the globe in the right upper corner).

  • Family Counseling of the CaritasCentrum St. Vinzenz

    The CaritasCentrum St. Vinzenz offers free marriage and family counseling at Kriemhildenstraße 6 in Worms. You can find more information here (page only available in German).

  • Children's Sick Days and Sick Pay

    Is your child under the age of 12* and ill and therefore you are unable to work? Then you can report “child sick” to the HR department. Please report the (expected) days of absence and submit a copy of your child's sickness certificate. SG 1 will report your absence to the State Finance Office (Landesamt für Finanzen, short LfF). Employees will not receive a salary for these days, but will be reimbursed by their statutory health insurance fund after applying for child sickness benefit, usually 90% of the lost net pay. The so-called 'medical certificate for the receipt of sickness benefit in the event of illness of a child' must be submitted to the health insurance.

    Please note that for privately insured children, depending on the scope of insurance, no child sickness benefit is paid or other regulations apply. Please contact your private health insurance provider to find out about your individual conditions.

    The most important questions about children's sick days and children's sick pay are answered on the website of the Federal Ministry of Health (only available in German language).

    *There is no age limit for children with disabilities who are dependent on assistance.

  • Important Laws (only available in German)

  • Further Interesting Links