Applied Computer Science – dual

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Computer Science


Lehre im Bachelor-Studiengang Angewandte Informatik – dual

With the dual study course Applied Computer Science - dual at Hochschule Worms, students opt for a scientific degree in which theory and practice are closely linked. A contract with a partner company is required for the dual study program. There, the students work during the lecture-free period and have the opportunity to put the things they have learned during their studies into practice. Individual examinations and modules are provided in cooperation with the company. By alternating between theoretical and practical phases of the course, students prepare themselves optimally for their career entry.


Ideal Study Conditions

The small group sizes of around 20 people during practical exercises ensure direct contact with the teachers and optimal support. The Department of Computer Science at Hochschule Worms provides students with the latest laboratory technology for their studies. All of our lecturers have both a scientific background and many years of experience in commercial enterprises.


Computer science is women's business. Also!

Lehre im Bachelor-Studiengang Angewandte Informatik

Of course, computer science is not just a women's issue. But it is more than it might seem at first glance. And it has infinite facets that go far beyond pure programming. Digitization is "people's business" because application systems are designed and developed by people for people. And in order to understand what the user needs, you have to understand their point of view as well as master the tools and methods on the IT side with which the desired application is to be implemented. 

The job description of a graduate of Applied Computer Science with one of the possible qualification focuses is multifaceted and ranges from developer, software architect, consultant, project manager to CEO. You decide where your path takes you. We "merely" offer you to take the next step on this path together with us.