Applied Computer Science – dual, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Computer Science

Admission Requirements

As a university applicant, you need a certificate of general higher education entrance qualification (i.e. German Abitur) or a technical college entrance qualification or a subject-related entrance qualification (apprenticeship) or equivalent.

For the dual study program, you need a contract with a partner company. You can apply to one of our existing cooperation partners or bring your "own" cooperation partner with you.

The course is currently not restricted in admission, i.e. applicants who meet the formal admission requirements will also be admitted to the course.

Applicants from abroad with foreign certificates must provide evidence of the German language.



Here you can apply directly for the Angewandte Informatik – dual (B.Sc.) program.

Lectures start in the second half of March in the summer semester and in early October in the winter semester.

An early application enables participation in optionally offered preliminary courses (without participation obligation), which usually take place before the start of the lectures.

In the week before the start of the lectures, welcome and introductory events take place, which we strongly recommend that you attend.


How Do I Apply for a Dual Study Program?