Business Computing – dual

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Computer Science


Lehre im Studiengang Wirtschaftsinformatik – dual (B.Sc.)

Are you interested in computer science and business management and would like to study? But just sitting in the lecture hall and in front of the computer isn't your thing? Then the dual bachelor's degree in business computing is just right for you. You will learn all the content that is taught in the classic variant of the course. At the same time, you have a contract with a partner company. At the company you will gain work experience between the university phases and test the theoretically acquired competencies in practice. In addition, individual examinations and complete modules in the form of practical project work on company-relevant issues are provided together with the partner company. This gives you the opportunity to get to know different fields of activity in the company during the course of your studies. This makes it easier for you to decide on your future career.

Would you like to study dual? Then take a look at the page with our partner companies. The study or employment contract with a company that is a partner of the course is part of the admission requirements for the dual course. But you can also bring a partner company with you, i.e. that you got to know from an internship. A change from the classic to the dual study variant is still possible after the first semester. If you have any concerns, just contact us early upfront!