Business Computing – dual, Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Computer Science

Module Manual

The current FPO 2020 module manual can be downloaded here as a PDF file.


Subject-specific examination regulations

The current subject-specific examination regulations (FPO 2020) for the dual master's degree program Business Computing can be downloaded here  as a PDF file.


Framework Examination Regulations of Hochschule Worms

The general examination regulations of Hochschule Worms can be viewed here.


Forms / Further documents

  • Form for the registration of a thesis / a practical study phase can be downloaded here as a PDF file.
  • The flyer of the degree program can be viewed here.


Archive / change history

The current Subject-Specific Examination Regulations  (FPO 2020) for the Business Computing, M.Sc. program can be downloaded as a PDF file here.

This was amended with the 1st Amendment Order to the Examination Regulations 2020 as follows: here (as of July 12, 2023).