Aims, Content, Structure

Business Computing – dual, Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Computer Science



The master's program empowers students with regard to the desired leadership functions, in particular, to apply scientific methods and findings independently and to take professional activities in the field of digitization, which requires a high degree of abstracting and formalizing confrontation and constructive solution competence. For management functions, skills are taught in employee leadership. By choosing a focus, students can qualify individually for certain divisions and fields of activity during their studies.


The degree program serves to provide theoretical and application-oriented expertise from business computer science. It is geared towards the management of information systems for the more complex requirements associated with digitization. The study should provide all skills to control and manage the digitization of internal and inter-company operations. In particular, the "Digital Innovation Management" module from the subject area "Information and Knowledge Management" and the "Software Architecture and Digitization" module from the subject area "Information Systems and Digitization" contribute to the technical level. The students will also be offered the opportunity to develop important competences in the areas of "Personnel Management and Project Management". The base form the modules "Leadership" and "Software Project Management". The choice of a qualification focus in the 2nd semester can greatly deepen the students.

There are options available in the following qualifiers:

  • Financing and Controlling
  • Foreign Trade
  • Marketing
  • Retail Management

The students complete the practical phases in the cooperating company in which they can use theoretically acquired knowledge and skills in the industry-specific work environment. You will be involved in internal and, if applicable, customer projects and strengthen your social and communicative skills in dealing with different stakeholders. The theoretical science-based study content is systematically integrated into the practical phases, so a specific reflection in the company context is possible. In addition, the dual students produce project work and the master's thesis in cooperation with the company.

Study Model

The study is organized so that the phases alternate with the university and in the company. Thus, you can optimally focus on the respective study phase.