Applied Computer Science (M.Sc.)

Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Computer Science

Help shape digitization!

Lehre im Masterstudiengang Angewandte Informatik

Artificial intelligence, networked systems across all platforms and end devices, the merging of the real and virtual worlds, sustainability and, of course, cyber security in all its facets. No matter which relevant organizations you ask, these topics will (continue to) determine key aspects of enterprise digitization in the coming years. The Corona pandemic has also once again given "momentum" to corresponding initiatives and, above all, has also shown where the digital transformation, which has been much vaunted for years, still merely means that the sales force is equipped with tablets. But designing and developing systems together with users in such a way that they actually solve the challenges they are supposed to solve and, last but not least, that they are used with pleasure, requires people who understand their craft. And they are desperately needed.

The 3-semester master's program in Applied Computer Science at Worms University offers you current topics at the pulse of the "digital age" with a high level of practical relevance and a constant focus on the human factor. Content such as artificial intelligence, digitalization & sustainability or agile software development will make you more than just interesting for potential employers. Because building on your bachelor's degree in computer science or a comparable subject, after your master's degree you will have the specialist expertise in either mobile computing, networks & security or interaction & visualization that is in demand everywhere in the context of digitalization.

Do you want to continue after your master's degree and are you aiming for an academic career? Then you have come to the right place, because we lay the foundation for research by building up advanced methodological-analytical and scientific-theoretical competencies. Research groups firmly anchored in the department offer you the opportunity to work scientifically and thus open the door to a further academic career.

Computer science is women's business. Also!

Lehre im Masterstudiengang Angewandte Informatik

Of course, computer science is not just a women's issue. But it is more than it might seem at first glance. And it has infinite facets that go far beyond pure programming. Digitization is "people's business" because application systems are designed and developed by people for people. And in order to understand what the user needs, you have to understand their point of view as well as master the tools and methods on the IT side with which the desired application is to be implemented. 

The job description of a graduate of Applied Computer Science with one of the possible qualification focuses is multifaceted and ranges from developer, software architect, consultant, project manager to CEO. You decide where your path takes you. We "merely" offer you to take the next step on this path together with us.