Studying abroad

Business Management

In addition to doing an internship abroad, students also have the opportunity to spend one to two semesters studying at one of our many partner universities in over 50 different countries so that they can consolidate their knowledge based on their interests and aptitudes. If studies are organised well, the work completed abroad is recognised on all programmes run by the IBA faculty, so that there’s no need for a semester abroad to result in an increased study duration.
Our degrees offer students the flexibility to integrate two semesters abroad into their standard period of study so that they can prepare themselves for the world of work with practice-oriented, subject-specific training as well as linguistic education.

Forming strong partnerships with specific universities is a core part of the IBA faculty’s strategy on internationalisation. Students already have the option of completing double degree programmes at select partner universities, for example. Partnerships should go above and beyond mere student exchanges, however, and extend to include working together on more in-depth projects.

Partner universities

You can find an overview of our partner universities here.