Global Trade Management (B.A.)


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  • Content and structure

    The Bachelor's degree program Global Trade Management (formerly International Business Administration and Foreign Trade (B.A.)) is a business administration degree program with a focus on international and especially foreign trade related aspects. The Bachelor of Arts program gives graduates a broad and integrated knowledge of business and foreign trade relations. In addition, they have a sound scientific understanding in the field of business administration and foreign trade.

    Graduates are optimally prepared through their studies, the internship abroad and the preparation of a thesis for a successful career in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as in international companies, associations, and organizations.


    1 ǀ Semester 1-4: Instruction in the fundamentals of business administration and languages

    The fundamentals of the first four semesters include classic business administration subjects such as

    • General Business Administration
    • Economics
    • Accounting
    • International Business Administration (emphasis Foreign Trade)

    The business administration foundation is backed by communication subjects:

    • Business English
    • An additional foreign language (French, Spanish and Chinese)
    • Intercultural competence (in different regions of the world trade zones Iberoamerica, Asia, the Arab world and Eastern Europe)

    Additional supplementary modules (mathematics, statistics, etc.) also serve to build up the basics.


    2 ǀ Semester 5:    Practical semester abroad (optional)

    The fifth credit semester is designed as an optional practical enrolled semester. It comprises a continuous period of at least 20 weeks and is to be completed in a company abroad. The goal here is to apply this fundamental business administration knowledge and these foreign language skills in practice for the first time and translate these in terms of professional qualification.


    3 | Semester 6/7: Specialization and bachelor thesis (semester abroad possible)

    After the fundamentals are applied for the first time in the practical semester, students have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in the last two semesters based on their own preferences by choosing among the specialization modules available. The specialization modules are broad in scope and offer an insight into all entrepreneurial fields:

    • Organizational and Personnel Management of International Enterprises
    • International Marketing
    • International Logistics
    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
    • International Controlling
    • International Financing
    • International Economic Relations
    • Operations Management
    • Business Psychology

    The specialization modules, without exception, all have an international focus and, thanks to their small group sizes, are taught in a very practice-oriented manner. Project work, workshops or excursions to internationally operating companies increasingly take place in these modules. Parallel to this, the Bachelor's thesis is written in the last semester.

    In addition to the mandatory internship abroad, students have the opportunity to study one or two semesters at one of the many partner universities available to them in more than 40 different countries. In case of good academic planning, the credits earned there are recognized in the IBA degree program, whereby any extension to the duration of studies is ruled out. Because of the academic planning depicted here, the IBA program lets you integrate two semesters abroad within the standard seven semester enrollment period. IBA graduates thereby experience an ideal career preparation with hands-on specialized and language training.

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  • Information cooperative studies

    The Bachelor's degree program Global Trade Management can also be completed as cooperative studies (Global Trade Management – cooperative (B.A.)). Further information on the cooperative study program and additional information on the application process for prospective students and companies can be found at: