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  • Content and structure

    Digital media and the Internet open up opportunities and potentials that were unthinkable a few years ago. Society and especially companies face disruptive change processes. Foundations such as strategy, structure, culture and processes need to be fundamentally rethought.

    These challenges create a new need for the qualification profile of employees, and thus of graduates and career starters. In addition to purely business skills, a special knowledge and understanding of analytical and statistical procedures is required.

    By transferring the relevant competences, the students of the Digital Business Management degree program are enabled to apply analytical procedures to a broad spectrum of questions.

    The degree program Digital Business Management can be studied in two different study course variants. You decide in the course of your studies whether you would like to spend a practical semester abroad or prefer a shorter course of study. As a result, you will earn a bachelor's degree in

    6 semesters corresponding 180 CP or
    7 semesters corresponding 210 CP.

    The program can be divided into three sections:

    1 | Instruction in the fundamentals (sem. 1-4)

    The basics of the first four semesters include classical business subjects such as

    • General business administration
    • Economics
    • Accounting

    The basics for Digital Business Management are laid by the following modules

    • Special business administration (main emphasis Digital Business)
    • Analytics I-IV
    • Design Thinking & Business Models

    The business foundation is supported by communication subjects (Business English and Intercultural Competence) and supplementary modules (mathematics, statistics, etc.).


    2 | Specialization and bachelor thesis (sem. 5-6)

    In the fifth and sixth semester digital business knowledge will be deepened using strategic modules such as

    • Strategic Business Analytics
    • Agile Change Management

    In addition, according to one's own preferences, several of the optional elective modules will be taken. These modules are widely deployed and provide insight into all business areas. The modules are without exception internationally oriented and can be conveyed very practice-oriented thanks to small group sizes. In these modules there are more projects, workshops or excursions to international companies.

    In the final phase of the study, the bachelor thesis, supervised by our professors, is prepared and defended in a colloquium.


    3 | Practical semester abroad and study abroad (both optional/from sem. 5 )

    When deciding on a 7-semester course of study, we recommend completing the practical semester in the 5th semester. Thus, you have the opportunity to apply the learned principles in practice and to develop your own preferences and strengths. In order to demand and promote your international competence, this internship has to be provided abroad.

    In addition, you have many opportunities to study one or two semesters at one of the many partner universities in more than 40 different countries. The services provided there are recognized with good study organization for your studies, whereby an extension of the study duration can be avoided.

    Through the study organization presented here, the DBM degree program offers the scope to integrate two stays abroad within seven semesters in a standard period of study. As a result, DBM graduates receive an ideal vocational preparation with a practice-oriented, professional as well as linguistic and intercultural education.


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  • Information cooperative studies

    The Bachelor's degree program Digital Business Management can also be completed as cooperative studies (Digital Business Management – cooperative (B.A.)). Further information on the cooperative study program and additional information on the application process for prospective students and companies can be found at: