Dual Studies for Prospective Students

The dual course of study in the computer science department

Computer Science

Dual Study

The dual students have an apprenticeship or employment contract with a company that is a cooperation partner of the university. Phases at the university and in the partner company alternate so that the theoretical content is consistently tested in practice. Individual exams and entire modules are completed in cooperation with the partner company. Company-specific issues can thus be scientifically accompanied.

The following degree programs in the computer science department can be studied in cooperation with a partner company:

Dual Bachelor's Degree Programs

Dual Master’s Degree Programs


Advantages of the Dual Study

• Study and gain work experience at the same time

• Financial security during your studies

• Personal support and optimization of the course of studies

• Getting to know different professional fields

• Recognizing personal professional strengths

• Very good chances of being taken on by the partner company

• Generally very good chances on the job market


How Do I Apply for a Dual Study Program?