ZTT Overview

The Center for Technology and Transfer (ZTT) is a central research facility at the University of Applied Sciences Worms (UAS Worms).

The activities of the ZTT are cover three major areas:

  • Implementation of research projects and publication of research results
  • Application-oriented software development and security research
  • Administrative support for research projects at UAS Worms and supporting researchers at the ZTT with software and hardware infrastructure (HPC, Git, Overleaf, etc.).

The ZTT generally secures funding for all research and development projects through public channels such as the European Union, German federal and state funding measures, etc.


The ZTT is committed to world-class research, as evidenced by our projects and our list of top-notch publications. We value flexibility in our research priorities, do not shy away from basic research and international collaboration. However, cutting-edge research also requires specialization – interdisciplinarity is used in a well-dosed manner. In recent years, a number of soft  areas of focus have proven fruitful, both in terms of the ZTT's growing competence profile and the current funding policy landscape. These are: Cyber Security, Machine Learning and Cyber-physical Systems.

ZTT research is currently focussed in two fields:

  • IT security, especially network anomaly detection, steganography and covert channels.
  • Development of innovative visualization and machine learning methods to improve particle therapy using proton computed tomography (pCT).

The following projects give an overview of the current ZTT research activities:

Application-oriented software development

The ZTT develops software for tasks for which there are currently no adequate solutions on the market. These are primarily full-fledged product developments and less often prototypical solutions.

Die Schwerpunktthemen für Softwareentwicklung am ZTT sind:

  • Scientific and high-performance computing, especially in particle physics
  • research data management
  • Innovations in teaching, especially serious games, study planning and course optimization

The following projects give an overview of the current ZTT development activities:

Administrative support for research projects at Worms University

Within the scope of our capacities, the ZTT supports members of the university who are particularly interested in research in submitting applications, processing projects and managing funds.

Although we generally favor projects in which the ZTT has an active research or development role, we can also provide pure organizational and administrative support, regardless of the subject area decided on a case by case basis.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of our services or activities.