Institute for Foreign Trade and International Business

Business Management

Generate knowledge. Transfer knowledge. Impart knowledge.

Stability is at the heart of success. As such, our collective success rests on a solid foundation consisting of three pillars. This means that we’re certain we can always provide you with the best solution to meet your needs, whether you require specific advice, general information or new skills within your company: we’re here to help you realise your vision.

We provide your company with the skills required to actively and continuously improve as fast as possible and without the need for long-term support.

To this end, we deliver:

  • quantifiable results from workshops and projects
  • implemented solutions which are stable and work over the long term
  • enthusiastic partners who are able to work independently to advance what has already been achieved
  • trained staff members with specialist knowledge and methodological competence.

As a company, you’ll benefit from the hands-on approach offered by the Hochschule Worms, as well as a fresh way of thinking and a team of students and professors tailored to requirements in order to provide you with the best possible results.

Our Team

is made up of professors, staff members and students at the Hochschule Worms. We’re proud of our team. Why? In our opinion, possessing initiative and a sense of responsibility lays the foundation for achieving success. Our team members take responsibility for the work they do for you and want to make a difference, meaning that both your and our objectives can be met in the best way possible. There are two parts to a team. We make up one part. Why not join forces with us and become the other part of the team?