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Dear students,

we hope you have had a good winter break and wish you a happy new year! All our coaching services are currently available to you via email / phone / MS Teams.

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Are you anxious about the writing process? Having trouble advancing your project? We are here to help you!


We offer all university students individual project guidance regarding:

  • time management & motivation
  • choice of topic, research question & content structuring
  • academic language & style
  • citation & bibliography
  • presentations

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Workshops & Events

Join our bi-weekly afternoon Tea Time where we chat about the challenges of academic writing projects.

Resources & Support

The links below provide explanations and examples for the most important steps of the academic writing process.
(Please foremost take note of the specifications made by your faculty department and / or your supervising professor.)

  1. Critical Materials = how to evaluate the quality of a source
  2. Harvard Instruction = essential reading habits
  3. Good Question = examples to help you formulate your research question
  4. Methodology = factors to consider when choosing your research methods
  5. Overview = list of standard elements within a research paper
  6. IMRaD = filling each chapter with the appropriate subject matter
  7. Types of Text = ideas on how you can structure your content
  8. Academic Phrasebank = collection of phrases you can directly incorporate into your academic text
  9. English for Uni = tips on language & style
  10. Guide = extensive key to citations & bibliography
  • Final Recommendation = Find a fellow student to edit & proofread your text. (Don't wait too long to ask!)

A wide range of general guidebooks is available at the university library.


For questions regarding:

  • RESEARCH                 > ask Mr. Jegodzinski at the library.
  • SOFTWARE                 > ask the IT-Service.
  • SUBJECT DETAILS     > ask your faculty advisor.

For further help try the Support Finder.


> Are you feeling overwhelmed? Talk to us! We are here to help you. Just email us at:   schreibwerkstatt@hs-worms.de

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