Allocation of places and other terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply for all notifiable events and individual consultancies of the Career Center for students and graduates. Please also note the data protection information (only available in German).

Exception: Special terms and conditions, published in an extra document (only available in German), apply for excursions organized by the Career Center.

Allocation of places and waiting list

Places for a seminar, training, workshop and for the individual consultancy are allocated according to the receipt of applications (first come first served) (booking via Moodle). You can only take part in a seminar (this also includes trainings, workshops and individual consultancies) or attend a consultancy when you have received a written booking confirmation from the Career Center (by email via Moodle) after your registration. If more people register than the maximum number of participants, there is a waiting list. You will be informed automatically by email should you move from the waiting list to the list of participants (= booking confirmation).

Cancellation of your registration and not showing up

It is only possible to cancel your participation in a written form. If you cannot attend the seminar, please inform the Career Center in time by e-mail ( so that the place can be assigned to a person on the waiting list.

If a person who has received a booking confirmation does not submit a cancellation in a written form and does not show up for a seminar, this person can be excluded for one entire semester from attending the seminars of the Career Center.

Cancellations of seminars

The Career Center is allowed to cancel seminars due to a low participation rate or due to further reasons (e.g. illness of the trainer or force majeure).

Further terms and conditions especially for chargeable seminars

If a participation fee is requested for a seminar, you agree to pay the participation fee with your registration via the booking tool in Moodle of the relevant seminar. However, pay your participation fee only when you get an apply for payment by the Career Center (via email). You must pay the fee within the deadline notified by the Career Center.

The timely payment of the participation fee is a requirement for taking part in the seminar. When transferring your payment it is necessary to state the seminar code and your surname under "reason of payment" (Verwendungszweck) otherwise your payment cannot be allocated to the training.

If you do not pay within the timeframe notified by the Career Center the reservation of your place will automatically end. The Career Center does not need to inform you about the end of your reservation in written form. Nevertheless, you are still obliged to pay.

If you cancel your participation within eight working days (working days are considered Monday to Friday) before the date of the seminar or if you do not show up at the seminar you will still be required to pay. In this case, your payment obligation will be cancelled only and an already paid fee will only be refunded if a person from the waiting list can take your place.

A person who is obliged to pay a participation fee but does not pay within the given timeframe cannot take part in the seminars of the Career Center until the outstanding fee is paid.

The Career Center is allowed to cancel seminars due to a low participation rate or due to further reasons (e.g. illness of the trainer or force majeure). In such a case, fees that you have paid already will be refunded to you.