Registering for and deregistering from exams

To participate in an exam/module, please log into the LSF university portal within the registration period. To use the LSF portal, you will find a guideline in the download area as well as a leaflet for participating in exams at UAS Worms.

The examination period for the winter semester is expected to begin during January and will end approx. at the beginning of February. The examination period for the summer semester is expected to begin at the end of June and will end approx. in the middle of July. However, individual examination dates may already have been scheduled before that. For exact examination dates, please refer to the examination schedule of your department or field of study. This will be published either on the notice board, on the homepage or in general Moodle courses. You can also contact the secretary’s office of your department or field of study for more information. The examination schedule includes the examination dates, the examiners and the type of examination. Please note that the dates are subject to change. We therefore recommend checking the examination schedule regularly for changes.

Continuation requirement for exams
If you were sick last semester (as proven by a medical certificate), failed or did not show up for an exam/module, then you must register yourself in the current semester because of the continuation requirement for exams. In addition, the Examination Office registers such exams during the service registration automatically. 

Proof of registration for and deregistration from exams
After a successful registration or deregistration, please print out the "List of registered exams" as verification.

Problems when registering for or deregistering from exams
If you encounter any problems during the registration process, please contact the examination office immediately by phone or e-mail. A registration or degistration deadline is no longer possible after the deadline has expired. Problems with registration or deregistration that are not the fault of the university do not constitute an excuse and, therefore, you cannot take part in the exams.

Deadline for registration and deregistration of exams

For the winter semester 2023/24 the following dealines apply:

Please take the following information into account when registering/deregistering from exams:

  • In your department, there might be individual deadlines for registration/deregistration, the above mentioned deadlines then are not valid for your. Please contact your department for further information.

  • You can check the deadlines that apply for your exams also in the examination schedule of your department or faculty.

DepartmentStg-DirectionApplication deadlineDeregistration deadline
Tourism/Travel Management 15.12.202315.12.2023
Computer Science 15.12.2023in principle, up to 1 day before the examination date -
unless a different deregistration deadline has been specified in the examination schedule.
Examination date is 15.06.,
then you can deregister via LSF until 14.06.
Business Sciences   


(does not apply to examinations of the 2nd attendance phase)