Current note

We are glad to report that 77% of our students have already applied for and received the one-off payment.

For those who have not yet applied, please note the application deadline: 30th September 2023!!!

200 Euro one-off payment for students

The Federal Government is providing financial assistance to people in education or vocational training in the form of a one-off energy price allowance (Energiepreispauschale). It will soon be possible to apply for this one-off payment online.

Under the Students’ Energy Price Allowance Act (Studierenden-Energiepreispauschalengesetz – EPPSG) , the following groups can apply for the one-off payment:

Students in higher education who

  • were matriculated at a higher education institution in Germany on 1 December 2022, and
  • are resident in Germany.

The application has been available nationwide since March 15, 2023.

Sending access code

The access code was sent to your university e-mail address on 13.03.2023!


Sending PIN for BundID (if needed)

If you opt to create your BundID account using only a standard username and password, you will also require a PIN to submit your request.
This PIN was sent to you in a separate e-mail.

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